Monday, February 7, 2011

Should put the blog to use...

So almost a year since I created the blog and didn't use it, oh well.

For the boys who played at my place over the weekend a big thank you. All the games I saw or played were awesome in there own way. The 1750's were very close games which I thinks reflects an improvement in everyones gameplay.

The 'fun' Eldar list I played really gave me some good ideas and focus for a new competitive but soft comp list which I have worked on a little more with Stu and Mitch or should that be Tiros and Raern for posting purposes...

The 5 player Kill Team game late Friday night was hilarious from the first bullet fired, "1 shot 1 kill" I believe was the phrase I used when an Eldar pathfinder put a shot clean through the face plate of a Tzeentch worshipping terminator.

Sure by the end of it I only had a single Pathfinder left but after being the meat in the Daemon/Genestealer sandwich I'm pretty happy with racking up the most points of kills =)

On Saturday we played a couple games of Spearhead and no matter what abuse the expansion may have received online I loved the two games played. Guys download it asap from GW we need to play more of them. It's mini Apocalypse which is fantastic because you don't need the time consuming hundreds of infantry to worry about.

In the 2 games we got to play with Titans, lots of MC and lots of tanks and at the end of the games I really don't think anybody was bothered who had won as long as sh*t got blown up... including rerolling the Brass Scorpions nuclear explosion because the first one rolled was way to small lol.

So guys please comment/post on this site if you can, I'd love to have it as a personal forum we can use to theory out lists and keep each other up to date on projects.


  1. I'm in ur blog. Also, you gave away my real name, how can I fight crime now?

  2. Must agree great games on friday, Finaily starting to pick up the ways of the evil eldar :D

  3. I have finished Cody's first 5 Incubi as well so will post a pic tomorrow if I'm on to it.

    will also post an Eldar list I talked with Raern and Tiros about, got good potential