Monday, October 12, 2015

Daemons of Chaos at Crack's Call - a good send off for 8th edition

On the weekend of September 26 & 27th a small Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition tournament was held in Masterton.  It was Crack's Call and just like last years, it was the most fun light hearted event I played at this year.

This was to be the last 8th edition event I would attend and at 2000 points I took the Daemons.

My list was

Herald of Tzeentch, Level 2 Metal

10 Horrors, standard, muso
10 Horrors, standard, muso
14 Horrors, standard, muso

3 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Beasts of Nurgle
5 Flesh Hounds, ambush
3 Screamers
6 Furies of Nurgle

3 Plague Drones, rot proboscis, muso

So lots of good useful units and no point sinks.

I played 5 really good blokes in the order of

Thomas with Undead - 20 point win
McCrae with Chaos Dwarves - 11 point win
Alan with Skaven - 4 point loss
Eddie with OnG - 20 point win
Aaron with Ogres - 20 point win

Once the final games were over I had secured first place with top battle points!  If memory serves Alan came second and McCrae third.  I also pleasantly picked up Best Painted so a very nice way to close this chapter of Fantasy gaming.  A big thank you to Neil Williamson who ran the event and hopefully we will see it continue using a new system.

Of course we had the Saturday night  Steeplechase game as well.  This was just as entertaining as last year but so much more bloody!  Last year I think only 2 players pieces got killed, well this year only 2 survived!  Cody with his Blood Knight surged out into the lead with a lucky teleport via the Tzeentch Hedge and wading through the carnage into second place - as everyone else got killed - nom nom nom was my Beast of Yharnam! He is the photogenic chap in the middle of the group below, in the Sunday games my opponents Eddie and Aaron were very focused on killing him.

Moving forward in the realms of square bases I am going to give Mantic's Kings of War a go.  I had the opportunity while at Crack's Call to have a good look through the 2nd ed rulebook and liked what I saw.  I particularly like the set unit sizes and that you don't remove individual models.  I already have ideas for building dioramas for the core of units that I will use.

For the Daemons though its time for a change.  They are going to get rebased to round bases.  Not for Age of Sigmar but for 40K, my primary gaming system.  I don't really like how they play in 40k(summon spam) but I won't use them for KoW and Alex is already using some of the army for his Daemonkin so it makes sense.