Monday, April 30, 2012

Finished Titan Forge Flesh Tearers/Crypt Horrors

Here a handful of close up pics of the completed Crypt Horrors. Like I've said previously they were really nice models to put together and paint.

I bought 2 sets of 3 so there are duplicates in the unit of all the Titan Forge models. Also note the detailed scenic bases that came included, I added a little grass and dead leaf matter.

The 2 Ogres are to fill out the unit to 8 and look fine ranked up behind the main models.

I'll have to post some pics of the Banshee Quartet once theyre finished. Pete over at Fields of Blood just commented that my list has more screams than a One Direction concert - sure brought a smile to my face. Only fitting I should put a little more effort into them. Wonder If I can get 4 minitures of teenage girls before the weekend =D

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Undead arise for Horned Gobbo

Next weekend is Horned Gobbo/Rat and it seems I am one of three taking the newish Vampire Counts to battle. I am looking forward to the event and the variety of armies which will be playing.

My list has the 2 tweaks made from the original, so no Wraith unit and instead a 4th Banshee and 2 more Crypt Horrors - goody goody.

Just a few little finishing touches to make on the models, nothing drastic just extras here and there or replacing old tired looking models where time allows and adding in a couple unit fillers.

Spent this afternoon finishing the bases for the Crypt Horrors while watching Alien again. Preperation for Prometheus in June. (Must remember to not compare it to the wonder that was The Avengers) Anyhow I added some 'dead grass' flock in patches and added some 'dead leaves' I got from Slave to Painting in Christchurch. really nice product which I will slowly add to the bulk of the VC army.

Heres a quick phone pic of the Crypt Horrors, I'll take a better one of them and some other units in the week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WHFB - Vampire list tweaks

On Sunday I had a couple games with my VC scream list. Finally getting to put all the theory I have read on Carpe Noctem and other sites into practice was great and seems to have paid off.

In the first game against Ryan's VC test list it was pretty one sided from the get go with my banshess causing havoc on the undead units and their notoriously low leadership. Some horrific rolls by Ryan throughout the game only hastened his demise (you shouldn't roll that many 1's, you just shouldn't!) The forces of my Ghoul King wiped all the Blood Dragon's forces from the battlefield giving me a pretty massive victory. However as Ryan is a very new player I hope he did pick up the flow of the game better and we are working on tweaking his list for Horned Gobbo at the moment.

Second game was against John from Stumpy Heaven. John visited with his High Elves and we rolled a Battle for the Pass. I'm sure John may put up a detailed battle report on his blog so I'll just note some things I picked up. Battle report here on Stumpy Heaven Deployment is key, obvious I know but as an ever improving novice to fantasy I think I've worked out where my units should all go in relation to each other. The Mortis Engine looming behind the Crypt Horror unit and sending a trash Zombie unit towards the enemies heavy hitters works great. I did seem to have the majority of 'luck' in the magic phases with strong rolls and army wide vanhels being cast. John went some rounds without any successful spell casting. Also being charged by his flaming Spearmen wasn't as horrific as I'd first thought, sure it negates my regen from the Engine but I have a 2++ with my Ghoul King and Vampire so that swung that combat pretty hard in my favour. Banshees cleared Eagles and other chaff pretty quick especially with the dual Aura of Dark majesty close by. So all in all the game plan worked a charm though I know it won't be that good all the time.

Changes I will make though is dropping the Cairn Wraith unit in favour of another single Banshee and 2 more Crypt Horrors - I'll convert a couple Ogres. That will strengthen my Anvil to its optimum size, at 6 strong they held their own against the White Lions with invocations filling them back up of course.

Now I just need to get all the bits and pieces painted! Crypt Horrors just need a tiny bit more work and Ryan is posting up another 10 ghouls for me to mix in with the Mantic ones. A couple Banshees to paint and finish off the Mortis Engine and it will be looking pretty good.

Friday, April 20, 2012

WFB - Practice for the Strigoi's horde

On Sunday I get to have a game against John from Stumpy Heaven who will be bringing his High Elves. We will be using the proposed armies we intend to take to Horned Rat/Gobbo in a couple weeks and as its mainly a 40K group here it will be great to have the practice for Fantasy.

My list which I'm pretty settled on is

Strigoi Ghoul King
Sword of Strife
Other Tricksters Shard
Dragonbane Gem
Red Fury
Aura of Dark Majesty

Master Necromancer, level 4

Heavy Armour, shield
Dispel Scroll
Seed of Rebirth
Aura of Dark Majesty

Tomb Banshee
Tomb Banshee
Tomb Banshee

25 Zombies, FC

25 Zombies, FC

5 Dire Wolves

38 Crypt Ghouls, Ghast

6 Crypt Horrors

2 Fell Bats
2 Fell Bats
2 Fell Bats

Mortis Engine, Tome

3 Cairn Wraiths inc Banshee

This is blatantly a 'scream' list though it lacks a Terrorgheist, it wont be until after the tournament I acquire one sadly. The Vampires will join the Ghoul unit with a couple Banshees and take advantage of the dual Auras.

Crypt Horrors sit in front of the Mortis engine to soak the odd cannonball... maybe and get the regen buff.

Master necro sits in a growing zombie bunker while the other shambling mass head toward something I dont want to fight.

Add redirectors and nuisances and there you have it.

I have had suggestions of slightly different item builds on the characters but these seem good though I am on the fence whether to take the Sword of Strife for the extra 2 attacks and stacking Red Fury or go for +2 Strength for the same points for more confirmed damage.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good 40K Friday - Round 1 Planetstrike

On Good Friday I hosted some of the boys for a day of narrative messy 40k.

I had earlier sent out a bit of fluff regarding a planet called Borstim IV, a world in the galactic east where an Imperial listening post had been in operation for decades. The Tyranid threat had finally arrived on the fringes of the system and it was time for the Imperial defenders to rally thier forces.

I put everyone into two camps, Invaders and Defenders. The Invaders comprised of 2 Tyranid forces controlled by Ryan S and Aaron, a rogue Tau element played by Ryan L and myself using Eldar.

The defenders were Cody with Grey Knights, Mitch with Marines, Jimmy with Space Wolves and Stu with Necrons.

To match the teams loosely I informed Ryan that the tau were lead by a mad geneticist whose world had been consumed by the Tyranids. He had developed experimental shielding technology to avoid the depredations of the great devourer. This was to be a large scale test of the new Tau defense systems. The Eldar had determined through the scrying of the Seers that a Necron force was awakening and if it was to aid the Imperium in destroying the Tyranid threat it would take the world and establish a stronghold in the volatile eastern fringe where it would wreak havoc on Exodite worlds.

The Defenders were primarily Imperial so no issue and the Necrons awakening to halt the Tyranid threat fit well.

Round 1 was 1500 point planetstrike. The Tyranids had a 2v2 against the Marines and Wolves over the primary Imperial command post. The Eldar would strike against the Necron Tomb complex in the southern jungles and attempt to seal it before the legions burst forth. The Tau moved to intercept an Inquisitorial force racing to reinforce the command centre.
Grey Knights move to hold the bridge against xenos battle tanks as the rest of the Inquisition forces attempt to cross (the Leman Russ was an automated battle cannon for defense of the bridge)

Yes 3 of the Trygons made successful deepstrike on the landing pad... sucks to be those Rhinos
The Necron Overlord spies the Autarch and his Warp Spider contingent from his Command Barge

The Tyranid forces laid waste to the Imperial defenders at the Command Centre. 4 Trygons accurately Deep Striking then assaulting proved devastating as did 2! Doom of Malantai making an appearance... note to self next time put restrictions on unique units.

The Eldar forces failed to take the Ruined entrance to the Necron Tomb. Annihilation and Command Barges slew the invaders making their ways through the thick foliage while Wraiths phased through the plantlife to seek out and the Wraithguard contingent and halt their assualt on the ruins.

The Tau moved enmass from the western flank of the city and used their advanced ranged weaponary to destroy the imperial forces. The Inquisitorial troops strove to hold the bridge but a Tau tank took the central crossing point sealing a Tau victory.

So Round 1 had 3 VP to 1 in favour of the invaders, next 4v4 killteam!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Painting - Grey Knight Terminators

Just finished this squad for Cody to start his Grey Knight army with.

Must say I enjoyed painting these as I wanted to make each Knight an individual, each shield bears a different pattern which is repeated on the shoulderpads if the icon matches. Adding more red to the plating and trim also broke up the boring silver look which is commonly seen for these miniatures. The armour plated have had a black wash added with some blue and further black in particular areas.

The bases are Secret Weapon Miniature 40mm 'Bone Fields' bases which will have wet effect added when we get some. The Terminators have been pinned to the bases for stability.

I am now working on the Titan Forge Flesh tearers which will be my Crypt Horrors for Horned Rat.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Titan Forge Goodies

On Thursday I recieved my latest little order for Maelstrom Games. This contained a wonderful selection of the Titan Forge undead range.

I got 6 Flesh reapers which I plan on using as Crypt Horrors, 2 Vampire Bats which I'll use as Fell Bats though you could maybe get away with Vargheists and Count Igork von Sharpfang who will make a fine Necromancer or caster Vampire.

I must say I am very impressed with the quality of these miniatures. In comparison to GW Finecast, Forgeworld and bases from Iron Halo and Secret War Miniatures these top the list easy. Very little flash if any, barely any trace of mold lines, no bubbles! The packaging is nice in small sturdy boxes with artwork on the front and photos of the models on the back.

The models inside are seperated into the miniatures themselves in a resealable bag, sprue free and the scenic bases(yes they come with) are in a seperate bag. The Count was in a small blister pack of his own but again sprue free and secure.

I have assembled the Flesh Tearers,the Count and his small undead goblin minion with a minimum of effort having the pieces fit together well. I have pinned the Flesh Tearers to normal 40mm bases for painting purposes and will attach to the scenic bases afterwards.

I will have these all done for Horned Rat/Gobbo at the start of May and find them a very nice addition to my collection