Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Delving into Malifaux - Neverborn starter set

Malifaux is a game I have been looking at since about 2010.  Back then I bought the rulebook, I loved the setting and themes but never played it.  Over the years I have watched games at tournaments between 40k rounds and even picked up a few miniatures if I saw a bargain.

Last year Wyrd Miniatures released the Malifaux 2 player starter set and about a month ago I finally bought it.  I have found the introduction rules and scenarios within the set a great way to learn the rules and it's one of the better starter sets in that regard.

In the set you get 8 miniatures, 4 Neverborn and 4 Guild.  All these have the mercenary trait so they can be hired by any crew which is a smart move.  You also get 2 Fate decks and 2 tape measures, so everything you need.  I have played it through a couple times with the other guys and we really like the mechanics.
The plastic miniatures are highly detailed and of realistic proportions unlike the normal heroic scale of war games.   Pictured here is the Neverborn starter crew consisting of Angel Eyes, 2 Bloodwretches and the Scion of Black Blood.  I painted them to match the artwork on their cards.
For basing I put grey stuff into the recess and fit tiny ceramic bricks into a rough pattern leaving an area on each base clear.  Once the brick work was painted I did a dull green base coat in the clear area then 2 coats of Nurgle's Rot and a layer of gloss varnish.  Tufts, dead leaves and a bit of blood finished them off.  
I will finish the Guild miniatures next before working on my main crew, the Torch and the Blade Guild Crew set.  A very nice set to start playing full games with.  This has also lead to others in my gaming group buying crews for Resurectionists, Outcasts and Neverborn with a couple of the others eyeing up Gremlins.  So more to come.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tale of 40K Gamers - Jake - Tyranids Initial Pedge complete

Here is the completed force from Jake's Get Started Tyranid box.

Jake has done brilliant work unifying his force.  The natural paint scheme has carried across all the models and the dismembered Ultramarines work as nice areas of spot colour to break up the browns.  He has really done an amazing job on these.

I saw some of these in person last night and I especially like how Jake has used some spare bio-morphs to make bugs on the bases as well.

You can see more in depth photos and descriptions on Jake's blog "Boyo Paints" in the sidebar.  Here is a direct link to his Hive Tyrant article.

Now that Jake and I have finished our first 400 points and a couple other participants are not too far behind, its time to think about what step 2 will be.