Saturday, March 4, 2017

2v2 KoW Game

Last night Greg, Rob, Wil and myself had an impromptu 2v2 game of KoW.

Forces (from memory – there was drinking)

Varangur (myself)
Horde bloodsworn, horde trolls, 2 hordes direfang riders, direfang champ, 2 magus conclaves, magus (inspiring), 2 troops horse raiders, cavern dweller

& Ogres (Greg)
Giant, horde ogres, ogre warlord, ogre legion, 2 hordes ogre shooters, mammoth, 2 ogre standards, biggit on fleabag


Orcs (Robb)
Skulks, horde axe, 2 hordes trolls, 2 giants, horde orklings, horde fight wagons, 2 regiment axe, gakamak, war drum

& Herd (Wil)
3 lycan hordes, troop beast pack, 2 regiment beast pack, stampede, shaman, totem, avatar of the father, brutox.

2000pt per army. Not using new CoK rules update.

Mission: Kill each other

All flank descriptions from my point of view. All game memory subject to alcohol and bias.

Deployment: As the Herd/Orcs had far more drops, they refused our left flank leaving it looking rather empty. We managed to win first turn roll off.

Turn 1 Var/Ogre:
Centre advances slowly, mammoth on right flank engages skulks (who vanguarded), left flank pushes up. Ogre shooters start to chip away at green giant, Varangur mage shooters fail to do anything to support against same target. Mammoth does little to skulks – wavered I think?

Turn 1 Orc/Herd:
Counter push in the middle & right, setting up the layers and blockers. Left flank sits around.

Turn 2 Var/Ogre:
Left still advancing, horse raiders moving up to block lycans allowing legion & others to advance. Centre bloodsworn engage axe horde, other stuff meanders around delaying not wanting to open up second layer. Shooting against giant Varangur provide 1 wound while ogres shooters do the actual work but manage to roll a waver – blocking up the orclings and trolls. Bloodsworn do ~5 wounds to orks. Mammoth failed again to kill the skulks?

Turn 2 Orc/Herd:
Didn’t take any photos here for a bit. Giant and orc axe one shot the bloodsworn (def 5 no help when giant rolls 12 attacks!). Lycans on right flank engage direfangs and waver them. Beasts fight direfang champ and do ~6 wounds.  Lycans on left flank destroy horse raiders and move back.

Turn 3 Var/Ogre:
Biggit on fleabag moved to block giant and Gakamak. The horse raiders finished the green giant off with throwing axes, lycans on left flank were killed by direfangs and cavern dweller, Ogre legion smashes orclings, varangur shooting does nothing, ogres shooters started on other giant and I believe wavered it? Direfang champ killed some beast pack.

Turn 3 Orc/Herd:
Fight wagons engage ogre legion and beast pack hit the side, axe engage ogre regiment, gakamak engages biggit but only wavers it, lycans and brutox finish direfangs on right. Mammoth gets surrounded and dies also.

Turn 4 Var/Ogre:
Trolls and direfang champ take out lycans then turn to face pain from 2 herd monsters and other lycans. Legion did same damage to fight wagons. Ogres shot the axe regiment that was in front and advancing. Horse raiders do some wounds to beast pack. Drinking intensified.

Turn 4 Orc/Herd:
Legion is removed (the fight wagons?), direfangs on left are blocked by totem, 2 herd monsters engage trolls (held) and lycans engage direfang champ (held). Axe horde removes ogre regiment in centre.

Turn 5 Var/Ogre:
Axe regiment removed by shooting, shaman killed by direfang riders and beast pack removed by cavern dweller. Direfang champ hits lycans and trolls counter charge avater of the father – both hold.

Turn 5 Orc/Herd:
Varangur trolls killed, orks and herd break through and rush for ogre gunline. Gakamak engages an ogre regiment on left, bypassing Varangur there.

Turn 6 Var/Ogre:
Ogre shooters turn and walk away, favouring distance of shooting and hoping turn 7 isn’t rolled. Direfang champ finishes lycans off. Varangur shooting continues to unimpress. Varangur all turn to surround Gakamak.

Turn 6 Orc/Herd:
Stampede finally engages Direfang champ, but cannot break him. Gakamak finished off Ogre regiment. Ork centre and herd monsters continue to move against Ogre gunline.

Turn 7 is attempted by Robb but he rolls the dreaded hedgehog (1) and game ends.

After points are tallied the Varangur & Ogres lead by 185pt, which makes it a draw. Various turn 7 shenanigans are discussed – Gakamak and Direfang champ are both looking dead, and one ogre shooter unit would likely die. However ever if this all plays out it is likely to have remained a draw.

Good team game for a last minute Friday night session.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Infinity and Scenery

Getting some more regular games of Infinity going so I picked up some new terrain. Have heard good things regarding the pre painted/printed plast craft games so acquired 2 double modules, 2 two door simple modules and a curved modular building from mighty ape.

They come mostly pre-cut for the big pieces but do require some parts being pushed out. Very little tidy up required with a craft knife.

Super glue is best used, and the pdf instructions + pics on the box make the assembly quite speedy.

In one evening I have 5 new buildings ready to go! The doors, windows, roofs and ladders are removable too.

Had a couple of games on Tuesday night and they worked great creating interesting movement options with all the Infinity orders.

However it really highlights my need to paint the rest of the buildings....

Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Fell Bats/Great Bats

Put together these bad boys last night. They are Titan Forge Jawbats from the Drakskulls Menance (undead orcs!) range. Fantastic models and so easy to work with. 

The Jawbats themselves are one complete piece, which makes assembly so simple. They are pinned to the scenic bases (which came with the models, awesome!) for stability.

Looking forward to using them as Fell Bats/Great Bats for WHFB 8th and T9A respectively. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Multi basing wraiths for Call to Arms

With playing KoW at call to arms next week I am getting my multi basing groove on.

Step 1 - acquire 200mm x 40mm troop bases, cover with builders putty.

Step 2 - paint, drybrush, add some static grass

Step 3 - attach spooky wraiths

Wooo :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blood in the Badlands Round 2 – VC versus Ogres in the Watchtower

The VC had acquired a bunch of gold mines and the lure of the coin was too much for the Ogres to resist invading. The VC counter invaded and as the smaller empire (after losing the last battle) got to pick the army they would fight with...

2 blocks of 30 zombies with banner, 40 skeles with command, 2 dog units,10 black knights with command, 2 hexwraith units, mortis engine, 1 banshee, mounted l2 vamp lord and mounted wight king bsb

2 blocks of 8 bulls, block of 8 guts, 2 leadbelcher units, tyrant, bsb, l2 butcher with gut magic.

Terrain set up included 2 arcane buildings we rolled on, one getting haunted mansion (d6 S1 no armour hits on units with 6” at end of shooting phase) and the other something that made units within 6” stubborn. Watchtower in middle. Swamp off centre, hills and forests around the outside.

Ogres “won” the roll to control the watchtower & could not garrison. VC took side without the killy mansion and went first. Ogre characters split across units as each had a magic weapon (kill those hwxwariths!) and I also had sword of anti-heroes.

VC marched skeles, zombies, bk bus, and more zombies in the centre. Hexwraiths and dogs pushed up the flanks. Mortis supporting skeles.

Ogres decided to beat up some dogs and this is part way through their first turn (photos are from old cell phone so not stunning..)

VC skeles & banshee then jump in the building. Both Hexwraith units make short work of a leadbelcher unit and overrun – one into the forest the other into bull unit with bsb.

Ogres beat up the dogs in short order and start the tower grind with the ironguts + tyrant. Leadbelchers on my right flank that beat up dogs return from overrunning off board and start shooting the knight bus. About 20 zombies disappear from tower.

Zombies reform to face leadbelchers. Mortis engine fails to charge bulls on left flank (1,1,2 on charge roll) but I get a 12” nehek bubble off replenishing knights, zombies, hexwraiths in combat and skeles in tower.

Ogres hit the tower again & kill 20 more skeles, and shoot some more knights off past the zombies. Bulls in the back clear up one Hexwraith unit in their turn, turn around then charge and finish off the other hexwraiths with a flank charge. Bulls make a long charge into mortis engine.

Skeles abandon tower and zombies (pictured on hill) jump in. Zombies on right engage leadbelchers. Knight bus backs off. Cast van hels on bus to discourage charge and mortis engine loses badly against bulls and blows up.

The bulls on left flank make a super bull charge into bus and get regen spell off. Meanwhile the other bulls aren’t keen on getting stuck in the unknown swamp and make their way around to beat up the skeles. The zombies get hammered in the tower. The bus loses combat and about 5 knights.

I eventually grind the bulls down (damn regen). The bulls flee into the swap – are not caught by knights despite trying - and it turns out to be the Ogres worst nightmare mist wreathed swamp (initiative check at end of movement phase, fail and lose D6 MODELS!).

Ogres casually pass initiative check so knights go after them and pass initiative but lose 2 to normal swamp dangerous rolls. Skeles engage ironguts in flank to hopefully hold guts for another turn. The winds of magic stir and I get 12 dice, so I throw caution to wind and 6 dice both spells - get a 18” nehek off and a 12” bubble van hels.

I didn’t take any more photos from here but this may illustrate. Zombies remain in tower. 

Knights wipe out the bulls (who pass another initiative check) and overrun into the guts. The guts are now engage on both flanks with re rolls to hit on VC side. Vampire lord challenges Tyrant and does 3 wounds while taking one in return. The ironguts are decimated by knight lances and flee – then get run down.

Game ends turn 6. Post-game campaign the army scattered for home and the tyrant lost 1 attack. VC got 20pt to spend on a banner but already have magic banners on skeles and knights so cannot use it.

Rough game for the Ogres. VC were fortunate to have first turn and get to the tower first otherwise I would not have been able to push them out. While the mortis engine fluffed an easy charge and cost me the left flank, a timely super magic phase enabled me to clinch the win. Turn 2-5 ogres were very close to getting the tower with the ironguts must have killed about 100 models + (including start and grown models).

Look forward to next round!