Thursday, September 8, 2016

Infinity and Scenery

Getting some more regular games of Infinity going so I picked up some new terrain. Have heard good things regarding the pre painted/printed plast craft games so acquired 2 double modules, 2 two door simple modules and a curved modular building from mighty ape.

They come mostly pre-cut for the big pieces but do require some parts being pushed out. Very little tidy up required with a craft knife.

Super glue is best used, and the pdf instructions + pics on the box make the assembly quite speedy.

In one evening I have 5 new buildings ready to go! The doors, windows, roofs and ladders are removable too.

Had a couple of games on Tuesday night and they worked great creating interesting movement options with all the Infinity orders.

However it really highlights my need to paint the rest of the buildings....

Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Fell Bats/Great Bats

Put together these bad boys last night. They are Titan Forge Jawbats from the Drakskulls Menance (undead orcs!) range. Fantastic models and so easy to work with. 

The Jawbats themselves are one complete piece, which makes assembly so simple. They are pinned to the scenic bases (which came with the models, awesome!) for stability.

Looking forward to using them as Fell Bats/Great Bats for WHFB 8th and T9A respectively. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Multi basing wraiths for Call to Arms

With playing KoW at call to arms next week I am getting my multi basing groove on.

Step 1 - acquire 200mm x 40mm troop bases, cover with builders putty.

Step 2 - paint, drybrush, add some static grass

Step 3 - attach spooky wraiths

Wooo :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blood in the Badlands Round 2 – VC versus Ogres in the Watchtower

The VC had acquired a bunch of gold mines and the lure of the coin was too much for the Ogres to resist invading. The VC counter invaded and as the smaller empire (after losing the last battle) got to pick the army they would fight with...

2 blocks of 30 zombies with banner, 40 skeles with command, 2 dog units,10 black knights with command, 2 hexwraith units, mortis engine, 1 banshee, mounted l2 vamp lord and mounted wight king bsb

2 blocks of 8 bulls, block of 8 guts, 2 leadbelcher units, tyrant, bsb, l2 butcher with gut magic.

Terrain set up included 2 arcane buildings we rolled on, one getting haunted mansion (d6 S1 no armour hits on units with 6” at end of shooting phase) and the other something that made units within 6” stubborn. Watchtower in middle. Swamp off centre, hills and forests around the outside.

Ogres “won” the roll to control the watchtower & could not garrison. VC took side without the killy mansion and went first. Ogre characters split across units as each had a magic weapon (kill those hwxwariths!) and I also had sword of anti-heroes.

VC marched skeles, zombies, bk bus, and more zombies in the centre. Hexwraiths and dogs pushed up the flanks. Mortis supporting skeles.

Ogres decided to beat up some dogs and this is part way through their first turn (photos are from old cell phone so not stunning..)

VC skeles & banshee then jump in the building. Both Hexwraith units make short work of a leadbelcher unit and overrun – one into the forest the other into bull unit with bsb.

Ogres beat up the dogs in short order and start the tower grind with the ironguts + tyrant. Leadbelchers on my right flank that beat up dogs return from overrunning off board and start shooting the knight bus. About 20 zombies disappear from tower.

Zombies reform to face leadbelchers. Mortis engine fails to charge bulls on left flank (1,1,2 on charge roll) but I get a 12” nehek bubble off replenishing knights, zombies, hexwraiths in combat and skeles in tower.

Ogres hit the tower again & kill 20 more skeles, and shoot some more knights off past the zombies. Bulls in the back clear up one Hexwraith unit in their turn, turn around then charge and finish off the other hexwraiths with a flank charge. Bulls make a long charge into mortis engine.

Skeles abandon tower and zombies (pictured on hill) jump in. Zombies on right engage leadbelchers. Knight bus backs off. Cast van hels on bus to discourage charge and mortis engine loses badly against bulls and blows up.

The bulls on left flank make a super bull charge into bus and get regen spell off. Meanwhile the other bulls aren’t keen on getting stuck in the unknown swamp and make their way around to beat up the skeles. The zombies get hammered in the tower. The bus loses combat and about 5 knights.

I eventually grind the bulls down (damn regen). The bulls flee into the swap – are not caught by knights despite trying - and it turns out to be the Ogres worst nightmare mist wreathed swamp (initiative check at end of movement phase, fail and lose D6 MODELS!).

Ogres casually pass initiative check so knights go after them and pass initiative but lose 2 to normal swamp dangerous rolls. Skeles engage ironguts in flank to hopefully hold guts for another turn. The winds of magic stir and I get 12 dice, so I throw caution to wind and 6 dice both spells - get a 18” nehek off and a 12” bubble van hels.

I didn’t take any more photos from here but this may illustrate. Zombies remain in tower. 

Knights wipe out the bulls (who pass another initiative check) and overrun into the guts. The guts are now engage on both flanks with re rolls to hit on VC side. Vampire lord challenges Tyrant and does 3 wounds while taking one in return. The ironguts are decimated by knight lances and flee – then get run down.

Game ends turn 6. Post-game campaign the army scattered for home and the tyrant lost 1 attack. VC got 20pt to spend on a banner but already have magic banners on skeles and knights so cannot use it.

Rough game for the Ogres. VC were fortunate to have first turn and get to the tower first otherwise I would not have been able to push them out. While the mortis engine fluffed an easy charge and cost me the left flank, a timely super magic phase enabled me to clinch the win. Turn 2-5 ogres were very close to getting the tower with the ironguts must have killed about 100 models + (including start and grown models).

Look forward to next round!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Triumph and Treachery in the Badlands

Kicked off my part in the WHFB 8th ed blood in the badlands campagin yesterday. For some reason the Vampire Counts, Ogres and Dark Elves all decided they wanted the marshes of madness so we opted to play a Triumph and treachery game.

More photos will be coming on Jerkhammer blog soon - but I managed to take one snap reasonably early in the game:

So I rolled and ended up with a foot vc army with no screams, no death magic, 40 unpainted grave guard (I started VC in 8th) - and over 100 zombies (just to start) marching forward. Not super effective but was impressive looking!

The Dark Elves were brave to take the centre and flip the bird to both armies. I managed to get a zombie unit across to the centre of the board turn 1 thanks to a decent charge. They managed to survive 4 turns of various agression - taking wounds and being raised - even taking out a giant before going down. 3 Elf comets took chunks from my army while Ogre cannons aimed at my vampire lord but overall only lost about 10% of my forces at the end

However as I had struggled to make it far across the board to engage the Ogres and we ended turn 5 with the Ogres grabbing the last few points by beating on the Dark Elves to secure a victory (and a long lasting grudge from unforgiving Dark Elves)

Painting - Werebear

This Werebear and human form are from Mierce Miniatures.  I got them as part of a Kickstarter a couple years ago and since passed them on.
The new owner Adam intends it for Mordheim and affiliated to Kislev.

He chose the polar bear look, so I went for an assortment of colours to contrast with the fur without being too harsh.
The Werebear is mounted on a 40mm sculpted base, so you can get a idea of its size.  Below is the big chap in his human form which I colour matched to match.  Based on a 25mm base with freehand stonework.
 Now back to the Knight.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Painting - WIP 40k Imperial Knight - torso

Over the weekend I made more progress on my Ultramarine affiliated Imperial Knight(any suggestions for appropriate names?).
After finishing the main carapace I started in the torso.  Washes of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade were applied to engine parts and the superstructure.  I painted some of the machine housing, cowling, faceplate and shield in the same thunderhawk blue and weathered to match the top.

The exhaust vents and heat sinks were painted in balthazar gold then retributor gold.  Washes for oil streaks were added and small touches of verdigris.
I will have to remedy the mold line on the back of main exhaust :/
For the house shield, after looking through a few relevant books then shuffling through many unused transfer sheets I went with a mechanicum cog and an Ultramarine symbol which perfectly fit.  I sent Jake and Ryan some pictures and Jake from boyopaints suggested toning down the bold white if the transfers.  I carefully painted over them in gold, pallid flesh then white and it does fit in better with the freehand.  I then finished it off with the marbling effect and weathering.