Monday, October 20, 2014

My first Post & Desolation

Well since I have been added as an author I should probably get a post underway.

Next month I am attending a Warhammer Fantasy teams event tournament named Desolation in Canberra. Despite being a long time regular around the competitive 40k tournament scene (until 7th ed) and an equally long time Warhammer player, I have never delved into Fantasy competitively. I've personally always found more enjoyment in the garage with that one.

Something about the team environment and the team our captain put together however drew me out to give this one a go. So along with my mates Gorgrunt_Ironhide, Angeliz and The Dark Angel (WAU names) we've put our foursome together and I think we've got a pretty good team.

Desolation is a two day, 2400 point, four player teams event and is running the Swedish comp system (13+). Being my first competitive event and first look at Swedish comp I was very skeptical and hesitant. To me I didn't see why I needed even more math equations to work out an army list, the
whole system I found confusing.

Over the past several weeks however we've been playing a lot of practice games and I do really like the lists that have been produced. I have seen people using units that don't often see the light of day and combo's that often get overlooked. I have found that as a whole the system works well and does the job of balancing lists/races/books quite nicely.

Swedish Comp = Confusing at first, faster when you get the hang of it, worth the effort.

A little under four weeks left before we set off on our road trip to Australia's capital.
Our team consists of Gorgrunt the team captain rocking Empire, Angeliz leading a Dark Elf band, Dark Angel at the head of the Warriors of Chaos and myself hiding behind the large bulk of Ogres.

My list:
Having to fit my army above 13 Swedish Comp points, but with the comp playing no further part in the scores I wanted to get it as close as I could to 13. I figured why give up free comp points if it wont have an effect?

I ended up on a comp score of 13.3. I could have spent more points, but in practice I've become happy with how my list works.

Slaughter Mater, Level 4 wizard, Law of the Great Maw, Fencers Blades, Glittering Scales

Bruiser, BSB, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Talisman of Preservation, Iron Curse Icon
Firebelly, Level 2 wizard, Lore of Fire, Great weapon, Dispell Scroll

8 Ogres, Full command, Ironfists
10 Gnoblars
10 Gnoblars
6 Ironguts, Full command, Look out Gnoblar, Standard of Discipline

1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk
1 Gorger
4 Mournfang Cavalry, Full command, Heavy armour, Ironfists, Banner of swiftness
3 Leadbelchers

Stonehorn, Harpoon launcher

Whats really been great is that committing to an event has made me get work done on my Ogres. They have been half painted here, some paint there for a very long time.

The Green Tide

Warning I am terrible at English read at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!(Now with Punctuation - Editor Glen)

Long time no post, today I felt like I had a chance to post something worth while.

So I came into 40k in the middle of 5th edition and my first choice of army was Tau, unfortunately the book was old and I just didn't get it and so I gave up on them rather quickly.  So I moved over to the safe choice, Space Marines and played them for a while.  The first tournament I went to with them was Fields of Blood way back in 2010.  I didn't do to hot but came away with Living Saint a.k.a top sportsmanship.  At that point I was locked into 40k, definitely enjoying everything about it but Space Marines to me were kind of bland.  Not painted, but just rule wise just uninteresting.

Then came along Dark Eldar.  I was in love from day one and quickly switched over to them, building up a force of 1750 points as that was the standard for most of 5th ed. Soon after, Glen and I found our way to Sydney to play in Lords of Terra and High Lords respectively a.k.a Glen.  Here I came 7th overall and Glen winning High Lords with one of the oldest books at the time, Night Spinner FTW. Soon after was Call to Arms and once again Warhammer raged on but this time I actually came First overall with Dark Eldar FTW!!!

I happily kept playing them for a while then out of the blue came Grey Knights!  To me they were Space Marines with personality and to this day the best looking Terminators around.  I didn't start playing them straight away as Glen was pondering about building a force, but after some time I finally let loose and started building up units.  I was definitely enjoying them a lot, the rest of 5th and start of 6th but they had lost their shine.  I already had 3 armies and had decided not to start another one.  At the start of 7th I decided to return to Space Marines, with their new book in hand started picking up new units including Sternguard, Calgar box set, Drop Pod, Centurions, the new plastic Librarian and some other stuff!  But it was not to last with the new.....

...Grey Knights incoming I quickly switched back but the book to me is disappointing, but I was enjoying them and then all of a sudden Dark Eldar are coming too!! quickly Picking up the new codex it quickly became apparent the book was average at best there were no new builds and Archons got turned into garbage along with Wyches. :(

Leaving me here.  The other night while doing Tuesday night Pathfinder, I was sitting across from a Dakka jet, as I looked at it something clicked and by the end of the night I had decided to play Orks.  Later that week I received the codex and quickly found myself having a lot of fun with it.  After having my first game with them yesterday I definitely have found that love for an army again.  I did lose the game and there was tons of swearing at Glen (How many cover saves can I keep on making? - Glen) and running out of the room when failing an assault change screaming FUCK!!!! All in good fun.  Really have to thank Joel for selling his Ork army to Glen as it gave me the chance to play them.
Also thanks to Joel for Fantasy as I am now able to play High Elves 

Cody Out