Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas fellow gamers

A beautiful sunny day here in Levin, New Zealand for Christmas 2011. I would like to wish all my fellow gamers a very merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your day today.

As for most gamers our net of contacts is cast fairly wide these days with tournaments and fun club or campaign weekends bringing us together from around the country or in fact the world. So I would like thank my local mates I game with whether it be wargaming or monday night roleplaying (Cody, Stu, Hadleigh, Womble and Mitch), the boys in Auckland I recently had a great time of Mordheim with(Dan and Andrew), Richard in Sydney who graciously hosted Cody and I for High Lords of Terra, Wil who now resides in the frozen north of Canada and Ryan who over Summer is in Perth who thanks to email still discusses army builds, tactics and painting on a regular basis, Pete Dunn over at who has run and hosted some extremely fun Warhammer fantasy weekends and the other Wellington/NZ based gamers I have meet and played with at these events and many other people who I have gamed with in the last 12 months, thank you.

So above is pictured the gaming haul I very happily received about an hour ago from my wife and despite what other people may say about Dreadfleet I am extremely pleased to have been given it as I wanted it but spent my gaming dollars on Necron units for the joint army. Upon opening the box the level of detail in the terrain and miniatures is fantastic! I know the local boys are keen to give it a go so it will be put to good use, right Cody?

The Avatar of War Models are awesome, its good to know I can open up a website like on Ali's Ipad and she actually pays attention. She says they arrived in two days as well so bonus. The Goblin King should soon be leading my Goblin horde while the other two just had serious cool value for me and I'm sure Stu will 'borrow' the Daemon for his army while the Witchhunter will make it to the monday night rpg table and a Mordheim warband.

So I hope other people may have received the gift of gaming like I have and I look forwardd to what the rest of the day brings - my mother in law does like warhammer terrain and my sister in law was sent the 'wish list' too...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Completed Uriah and Confessor

Finished the flames on the confessor and freehand on both last night.

It was nice to finally paint the Confessor as he is an old model from the necromunda days and Uriah was enjoyable as well with many different textures. I havn't shown it though I should have but his cloak as viewed from behind is fur with a couple purity seals and his backpack has an assortment of equipment tied on with rope.

My wife has informed me this afternoon that she has finally done my Christmas shopping at GW in Wellington of all places, new toys in a few days for me it seems.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Uriah and Confessor almost done

Been back into the painting after an Auckland Foo Fighters break last week.

Got in some great games of Mordheim with the boys up there - cheers 'Damage'. I'll be making a battle report of the Monday night four way brawl on the fantastic home made Mordheim table - that is once I put the provided notes into an entertaining order.

Anyways the two nutjobs of the Ecclesiarchy are almost complete and I should have them done tonight but here is a WIP shot of the pair

Here are the two individually after a little more work - the photos are taken with my new phone so I'm still playing with settings though very happy with the quality with the basic shots so far.

I will post completed shots very soon and look out for the Mordheim tug of war over the Skaven informant.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

WIP Uriah and Confessor

Here are some WIP shots of Uriah and a formerly Necromunda Redemtionist for Wil's Sisters of Battle army.

Normally I wouldn't show shots of miniatures in this state but during the week I sent some test shots to Wil of these guys at an earlier stage and also some step by step shots of an Ogre for him.

I actually think these raw shots motivate me more to get work done and also people can see the different layers that can go into a finished miniature. I would also like to point out that I am not an overly neat painter at these early stages but the final results always tend to work out.

So back to the painting and a big Good Luck to the guys at NZ Masters in Auckland, go the Wellingtonians!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Finished Trazyn

Here is the finished old man Trazyn to you as my Necron Overlord.

I ended up doing a little light effect on the face plate and ribcage. Also based him finally yesterday. Used a chunk of white resin from the GF9 rubble tub. Based it in Khemri Brown with heavy drybrush of Tausept Ochre and Iyanden Darksun. Following this a Baal red then Devlan mud wash with a little bit more Ochre and Darksun highlighting. Add some static grass and pin the old fella on and he's all done.

Also test painted an ogre to make a simple step by step guide for Will in the soon to be frozen north of Canada as well as some more work on Uriah Jacobus and a formerly Necromunda Confessor for him as well. So nice to get some productive painting done without having the call of Skyrim ruin it for me... though once you're the Listener for the Dark Brotherhood everything else in game just doesn't seem as fun ;)