Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Uriah and Confessor almost done

Been back into the painting after an Auckland Foo Fighters break last week.

Got in some great games of Mordheim with the boys up there - cheers 'Damage'. I'll be making a battle report of the Monday night four way brawl on the fantastic home made Mordheim table - that is once I put the provided notes into an entertaining order.

Anyways the two nutjobs of the Ecclesiarchy are almost complete and I should have them done tonight but here is a WIP shot of the pair

Here are the two individually after a little more work - the photos are taken with my new phone so I'm still playing with settings though very happy with the quality with the basic shots so far.

I will post completed shots very soon and look out for the Mordheim tug of war over the Skaven informant.

1 comment:

  1. Nice nice. Wish I'd brought my paints out with me. I didn't play it much, but I remember Mordheim was quite fun. Played undead versus mates witch hunters I think.