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Desolation - Part 3

Day Two.
Coming into day two the team was feeling pretty happy with one loss and two wins. We wanted to put in a good performance today as well.

Game Four. We were matched with team Underdog from the ACT. I was told that these guys were very much anything but underdogs and had some top Tournament players in their ranks.
I was put up against Adam R and his daemons list. This was another case of putting me up to try and minimise losses in a bad match so the others on the team could try get better scores.

Adam was a great opponenet and this was probably one my my most fun games of the weekend. He was running a faily nast daemon list that consisted of a Blood Thirster, 4 small units of pink horrors, 6 fleshhounds, 2 nurgle beasts, 5 fiends, 4 screamers, a skull cannon and a tzeentch soulgrinder.

There were just so many threats in this list and Adam pushed me really hard. We both started out with a cannon off trying to get rid of one another's range threat, but they both quickly had to change focus on threats that were coming at them instead. I got some early points taking off the soulgrinder, and a battle between the Mournfang and Beasts of nurgle drew peoples attention. Apparently this was a fight of current op vs old op, or so im told. The Mournfang won that round.

In turn things seemed pretty even and Adam had to make a choice. Push hard and charge the blood thister in to the ironguts, and hope they break, run them down and take a huge win, that unit would have net him around 1000pts on its own, or instead charge the leadblechers and firebelly in a building for only around 300 points. To my surprise he took his foot off the accelerator and charge the building. He killed some leadbelchers, but being stubborn they didn't go anywhere.

Totalling up the scored Adam had a win, but only a small one 7-13. Eric had won, Scott had one big and John drew meaning we won round four 47-33.

With no lunch provided we set up in search of food before round five. Following the other gamers we stumbled into a shopping centre across the road and found the usual food court items on offer. I only mention this place to say how confusing and like a rabbit warren the place was, thank god for locals.

It was before round five that another team's player was overheard trying to get our next opponents to bend to their will and try somehow rig result's in their favour.

Game Five. We drew team Dad's Army for this round, and was looking forward to trying to set up a game between myself and Kaleb a guy I know from living near me and being around the community for a long time. By some weir hapenstance we've never got to have a game against each other. Yet again we failed to play a game and instead I was matched up against Garry and his many small units Dark Elf army. His list consisted of a shadow sorceress, a BSB master, 4 small units of witch elves, 4 units of dark riders, 2 small units of executioners, 2 bolt throwers and a medium sized unit of sisters of slaughter.

This was a game I never really felt I had a chance in. There was to much poison for me to deal with, not enough points in any unit I could focus on easily and the game it's self had other issue's that left a bad taste in my mouth.

I lost this game quite heavily 3-17, Out team lost the round too but only 39-41, it was very close.

With yet another round to go, and having been drained of energy by five games of warhammer and the emotional endeavour the last round was, I really did not want to play a 6th game.

Game Six. Our final opponents were team Warsome Foursome, and these guys were great. My opposition was Alex and his beastmen. Alex was laid back, didn't care, was there to roll dice, have a laugh and meet people. Like myself he was new to the tournament scene and was just keen to see how things worked and meet new gamers.

Alex's list had caused a fair amount of destruction in practice games we had tried, but I was yet to take it on. It consisted of Lvl 4 Great Shaman with Beasts, wargor bsb, slugtounge with death, lvl 2 shaman with death, huge unit of gors, small unit of gors to ambush, 5 units of ungors with 2 ambushing, huge unit of Bestigors, unit of 3 razorgors, 2 individual razagors and harpies.

Before the game even started slugtounge killed two sabretusks, put my stonhorn on 2 wounds and put a unit of gnoblars down to only 4 models. That was annoying.

Sadly the game didn't draw out for very long. The unit of Razorgors charged my bulls but bounced off the wall of gutplates and ironfists. The ambusing Gors snuck on to my left side threatening my Ironblaster. Drawing on all his might my firebelly responded by throwing an firestorm into the ranks of the large gor throng. As the large template was right on target over half the unit was wiped out.
The Ironblaster decided that shooting was something other people do and charged horns first into the ambushers. Doing enough to break then even with stead fast the chariot ran down the would be ambushers.

A turn later I decided to declare a charge with my bulls on what remained of the large Gor unit with the BSB and Lvl 2 death mage. Alex elected to flee putting them right out of range of the Bulls. Unfortunately though they were exactly 21” away from my Mournfang. With the standard of swiftness I would need a double 6 to catch them, but it wouldn’t matter as they had to flee again anyway and ran right off the table.

After that my firebelly went for a second large firestorm this time on the Bestigors which worked and was on target. The game was then just moping up what was left and ended in a 20-0 win in my favour.

I felt bad for how the game had worked out, but Alex was a great opponent and took it so well. Our team won the round 73-7 which was scaled back tot eh top score of 70. Apparently we were the only team to reach the score cap all weekend so yay us.

Games done we got pack up out of the way and settled in while the TO announced the winners. I thought we'd had a pretty good weekend with four wins and two losses for out team, and had the feeling we might have scraped in a podium, as I hadn't been paying attention to how the other teams were going.

Sure enough I was right and we got onto the podium, which made the weekend even better.

Desolation - Part 2

Day One
As I said in the last post, I joined a team of four to enter the Canberra teams Warhammer event ‘Desolation’.
Our team consisted of Myself playing Ogre Kingdoms, John playing the Dark Elves, Eric with the Empire and Scott fielding Warriors of Chaos.

My initial plan was to take notes of each game and lots of photo’s as I went. However that plan didn’t work out as I got caught up having way to much fun and just forgot to write my notes or take as many photo’s as I wished.

The match up system was both teams put forward one of their lists simultaneously. Of their remaining three lists, they choose two to face the list the opponent team presented. That opponent’s captain then picked one of the two lists put forward to face their list.
The team with the lower competition points then got to pick the match ups of the remaining lists in the pool.

Before the event our captain had us go through all the army lists and rate how we thought we would go against them. I have to admit, I guessed at a lot of this. My regular opponents are Dark Elves, Orcs n Goblins, Lizardmen and Dwarfs. Outside of this I wasn’t so comfortable in my process.

Game One. To start the weekend we took on an unnamed team from WaggaWagga, NSW.
In round one I was matched up against fellow Kiwi Abraham M and his High Elves.
His list consisted of Lvl 4 mage lord with Shadow, a BSB noble, level 2 hero with high lore, big block of spearmen, a unit of archers, block of phoenix guard, 2 lion chariots, only 5 dragon princes, 2 bolt throwers and a flame phoenix.

Of the high elves there over the weekend Abe’s was what I considered a nice balanced list without trying to be nasty. I had this down as a close game, mostly as I was unsure about a lot of High Elf tricks. I set up in a slightly spread out deployment, but with more strength given to my right flank. On that edge I had my four mournfang who pushed up slightly as I intended to hang back in the early stages. Abe had a different idea and early on declared a double long distance charge on my mournfang with both his knights and a lion chariot. Not too worried as I didn’t think both would get there I let the charge run, and shook my head as both units somehow got stupidly huge rolls and got stuck in.

My frown was turned upside down though as the dice gods smiled upon the Tribe and both High Elf units failed to cause any wounds. Taking wounds in return the chariot and the knights fled, the chariot was caught and cut down.

The rest of the game was give and take back and forwards, with me concentrating on avoiding the phoenix guard and trying to kill the flame phoenix. I mostly achieved one, and completely failed at the other. That big damn fire bird would not die. I did learn to pay closer attention though, make sure you check what augment spells are on enemy units. Charging spearmen who are under the influence of a Mindrazor is not a good idea. Ever.

In the end the game finished as a 10-10 draw. I had a great time playing Abe, the guy knew the game was just about having fun. Our team won this round 63-17.

At the end of round one we had a nice lunch break. We didn’t have to go looking for food though as the TO had arranged a spread at the venue. Hot chips, BBQ chickens, salads, fresh rolls, you can’t go wrong.

Game Two. Second up we came against team Super Hyper Alpha Force Team (S.H.A.F.T) from the ACT and I was paired up against Tom and his Tomb Kings.
Tom was running a High Priest with the Tomb Kings lore, a high priest with death (Ogres hate death, 2 units of chariots, 2 big units of archers, Snake Knights guys, some ambushing from under the sane snakes, a Casket and three huge monsters, Warsphinx, Necrosphinx and the Hierotitan.

This was a match up I was even more uneasy about. I wasn’t sure how to deal with all that toughness 8 monsters. This especially concerned me when my Iron blaster lost it’s cannon in turn one.

I pushed forward quickly trying to draw the undead towards my line which mostly worked. On my left flank the Mournfang crashed into some chariots and wove their round away terrain to put pressure right down the undead line. The Casket managed to survive a charge from a sabretusk. It was healed of the wound sit had taken but then couldn’t survive the second charge coming from an ambushing Gorger.

A potential disaster was shaping up as my Ironguts with my Lord and BSB were right in the sights of the combined charge of the three huge monsters and the snake knights. It would have been all kinds of bad, but I avoided it by moving into a building and minimising the charge to only one of the four units. Next turn stepping out the other side of the building in a classic ‘yoink’ manoeuvre, none of the four could get to me and the archers with the undead lord was now between a rock and a hard place, also known as a gutstar in one flank and mournfang in the other.

My fears of the giant toughness 8 monsters was allayed as gnoblars with thrown weapons chasing behind them demonstrated that 6’s come to those who deserve them.

Once the High Priest was crushed under foot and hoof, the game was pretty much over. With a big 20-0 win my team was happy. Our team won this round 68-12

Game Three had us playing team Slayers from NSW and I was matched up against Jack and High Elves again.
Jack’s list wasn’t nearly as friendly as Abe’s was and showed me that no comp system is perfect. Even this one can be broken.
Jack was running the infamous light council with a lvl 4 light mage, two lvl 1 light mages hiding under his skirt, a noble BSB, 2 units of archers, 2 units of reavers, 2 sky cutters, a big block of phoenix guard and swordmaster and 2 bolt throwers.

Comp score wise the list didn’t score badly at all, on the table it was a nightmare. All credit to these guys, they made no attempts to hide the fact they were there to win.

I was never really in this game and it was quite a bad match up for me. I didn’t mind though, it meant the rest of my team got match ups they felt they could do better in and minimise the damage. I lost the game 6-14, and our team lost the round but only by a close 36-44.


In the evening the TO had arranged a group dinner at a restaurant called PJ's next to the event.
Just wanting to chill in our hotel room though we decided to get pizzas and go watch the four nations final.

We went to a family joint called Arnolds Ribs and Pizza. Lets just say I wont be going back.

The weekend that was Desolation - Part 1

This weekend gone was Desolation a Warhammer fantasy teams event in Canberra.
It was the first time the event had been run, and the first event of it's kind i've ever been to. Not a tournament player I was excited to check this one out.

I had every intention on loading up on photos and doing detailed reports of each of my games, but once we got to rolling dice I was having to much fun and kept forgetting my notes. Instead I’ve decided to break down my thoughts on the event into categories, then talk about my games.

The venue was a Canberra local independent retail store called Good Games. I got the feeling the store was quite new, it had an aura of still being set up about it, but that didn't stop the place from being great. The front area was all store as you would expect, then the back was a huge wargame area that easily fit 16 (8'x4') tables in it with room to move and not be rubbing backsides during games. I felt the place could do with more posters, wall decorations or murals to enhance the atmosphere but as I said, I think it was new. Also a second toilet would have not gone amiss. The line over the weekend sometimes was a bit on the long impatient side. Especially Sunday after Saturday night drinking.
Over all I give Good Games Canberra a solid 8/10. Great work guys.

As I was told before the event, there were no rankings scores or masters or ETC places up for grabs here. That really helped push that the event was just for fun and laughs, and this was grasped by about 90% of the people there. You can put in a little effort to try do well and have fun doing it, but being over the top in competitiveness I don't think has a place in an event like this. That's just my opinion. The whole weekend was fantastic, and a really great introduction to the wider warhammer community for me, a really nice change from gaming in the garage. It was soured slightly for me though by two incidents. Firstly there was one team out of the eight who seemed to go way beyond what I felt was an acceptable level of competitiveness at an event like this. Not realising who was around them they were overheard attempting to plot with another team lower down to try and rig the results. Essentially “you guys cant win, we can if you try to minimise your losses against your next opponent and stop them winning.”

The second incident was during one of my games where I watched my opponent try to 'sneakily' push a unit of his with his finger during my turn to try and change it's charge angle to one of my units. I didn't make a big deal out of it just casually mentioned that I think he bumped his unit and could he move it back. He did, and the stupid thing was he didn’t need to cheat, he had the charge angle anyway. Apparently the guy is a regular in the top levels of the Warhammer tournament scene. I guess I know why. It dumbfounds me the depths people will go to to win at mandollies. It's not like there’s money on the line. I didn't let it sour my weekend, I had 7 great opponents (one who ended up being the guy trying to rig the results, but that wasn't during our game) and the cheat.

To make things even better a lunch was provided on the Saturday. That was a really nice touch.
I give the event another great 8/10 on this one.

The event only cost $20 entry per person, which for six games over two days I thought was a massive bargain. With such a low entry fee, and money going to prizes, lunch and I assume some would have to go to the store for hosting I wasn't expecting much.
The awards given at the end were four large bronze medals for third, four silver for second and four gold for first. First place also got their team name engraved on a large sword that is going to hang in the shop.
The fact that there was no vouchers or product didn't bother me. My opinion on these things is that I have enough toys I still need to paint. I really love how the tournament community over the last few years has moved from just giving a box of models to a trophy etc. It means so much more, it gives something to show off and I can remember what it's from. Models tend to get lost in the mix.

It deserves mentioning that the prize winners got their medals placed around their neck by a very pretty young lady who also graced each of them with a kiss on the cheek. They all seemed very happy and appreciative of that.

I said I was happy with what awards were presented, however at the same time I felt the TO missed an opportunity to really emphasise the fun aspect of the event over the competitiveness side.
There are so many hilarious and crazy situations that arise in warhammer, and in team environments I personally would have liked to see fun awards given out. Things like first player to have his wizard 'sucked off' in the cascade, player whose Lord dies the most, team with the best round, classic wooden spoon, new comers awards, even team bingo. The list is endless in what creative things a TO could come with (I know ive done it in 40k tournaments). A simple certificate would have sufficed, and I think it would have gone a long way to boosting the laughs.

The awards were nice and suited, but could have gone further to emphasize more of the whole hobby. For that I give it a 6/10

This guy was great. Easy to approach, didn't mind being bugged by stupid questions from people like me who don’t play tournaments, and was well organised. He fed us on day one as I said and was very clear and consistent on his decisions when needed. I don't know how or if he dealt with the issue of the unsportsmanlike plotting attempts, but it didn't matter anyway. Well done that man.

10/10 no doubt.

Scoring & Scenarios:
All six games were played using the battle line scenario. As I don't go to tournaments or play this game in a competitive fashion I don't know if that is because the other scenario's are unbalanced, but I know I like to play them to mix things up. Just playing battle line each game reminded me of 5th & 6th edition where that’s pretty much all you had. I would have enjoyed mixing it up, but that may not have been good for the tournament. I don’t know.

The games were scored using the points difference of units killed by each player and then comparing that to a table with scores from 20 – 0 through to a 10-10 draw. That's apparently standard and I liked how it worked. Those scores from each of the four players on a team were combined into the team score.
The nice touch though was having a maximum cap of 70 (instead of 80) and a minimum cap of 30 (instead of 0). This meant that even teams on the losing side got a decent amount of points and always had a chance of being there or there about. Come day two, everyone showed up because everyone still had something to play for.

The aspect of the scoring I did find disappointing was the lack of awards or points for the non battle side of our hobby. I’m used to the 40k scene of putting army’s out on display for a beauty pageant, points being awarded for painting, conversions, theme etc. There was none of this at Desolation. As a fun gamer and all round hobbyist, its every aspect that draws me in, not just the playing of games. I know there’s constantly arguments on should ‘soft’ scores be included as a percentage of players tournament scores or not, and there’s pro’s and con’s to both and no right answer. I do believe all aspects of our hobby are equally important as the next, and if not combined then I like a painting award to carry as much weight as a battle award. But that’s just my preference.

I would have liked different scenarios, and the lack of painting and hobby recognition pulled this down a bit. But give this aspect a score of 9/10.

Army Composition:
Being my first tournament I’m not going to give this section a score as I don’t know what else to compare it to. But I did want to mention how army’s were made. For Desolation they used something called Swedish comp. For those who don’t know this comp system it works like this. Units and magic items have been given a comp score value. You start with a set number of comp points, in this case 300. As you make your list you take away a set amount based on the unit, how many models it has or how many of the same unit you have in your list. You end up with a final comp score at the end. For this event all armies had to have a score of 13 or above.

My first time using or seeing this system, I thought it was very confusing. At the start I didn’t like the idea of building my army with point’s costs, then having to work out a separate set of comp points. I changed my opinion however. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of it, and as my friends and I played some practice games using the system I really started to enjoy it. I liked the army’s that I was seeing fielded, units and combinations we never take were being seen on the table and the games were all fun and quite level. It’s not perfect, no system is but it felt good to use.

Overall the event gets an 8/10, which is really high praise. The TO should be really proud.

A really nice touch was the TO provided each player with a notebook for the event. It was nicely printed with the event Desolation and bound. It was perfect for making those notes I planned to make and didn't.

Because there was no beauty pageant or painting awards, the armies were never put out for people to get good photos. I took what I could.

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End Times Battle Report - 5000 points - Undead Legion vs Legion of Chaos

End Times Game: Undead Legions (Glen Burfield) versus Chaos (Ryan)


Hello, Ryan here. Glen and I decided to have an End Times game (because why not?). Originally it was going to be the siege of Altdorf (The Defence of Alderfen - how many times do I have to remind you - Editor Glen) from the Nagash book but we simplified it to a big Battleline. Glen had the option of taking Empire and Undead Legions but decided to stick to the former.


We both decided to theme our forces rather than take the usual choices. I stuck with Nurgle and Gurgurratlthy (or whatever his name is) from the original mission and Glen decided humans were not worth and went full Undead with Vlad leading the charge as per the original mission in addition.


The forces brought to bear were as follows:


Chaos Forces (not the ET book – but WoC and DoC in any combination)




GUO, LVL4 Nurgle, Exalted Gift, Lesser Gift    580


40 Plaguebearers, FC    550


6 Beasts of Nurgle    360
5 Nurgle Furies    70
5 Nurgle Furies    70
2 Nurgling swarms    80


4 Plague Drones, Muso, Std, MR1    260




Exalted, BSB, Nurgle, Halberd, Scaled Skin, HoME, Dawnstone     221
Festus    190


20 Nurgle Warriors, FC, HW/Shield, Gleaming     375
5 Nurgle Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso    100
5 Nurgle Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso    100
5 Nurgle Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso    100
Nurgle Chariot    120    
Nurgle Chariot    120    
Nurgle Chariot    120    


20 Nurgle Chosen, GW, FC, Discipline    505
3 Dragon Ogres, GW    204
Nurgle Warshrine    135


Hellcannon     210
Hellcannon    210




Chaos Seige Giant, Runes of Hatred, Scaling Spikes    310




Undead Legions:


Vlad Von Carstein, Mortarch of Shadow    500
Ghoul King, ogre blade, OTS, DBG, red fury, flying horror    400
Master Necromancer, L4 Death, Cursed Book    235


Necromancer, Dispel Scroll    90
Wight King, Shield, Nightshroud, Seed of Rebirth    139


30 Zombies, M, St    100
30 Zombies, M, St    100
40 Skeletons, FC, Swiftness    245
35 Ghouls, Ghast    360
5 Dire Wolves    40
5 Dire Wolves    40
5 Dire Wolves    40
5 Horse Archers    70
5 Horse Archers    70
14 Skeleton Archers, M    94
14 Skeleton Archers, M    94


8 Crypt Horrors    304
2 Fell Bats    32
3 Vargheists    138
10 Black Knights, FC, banner of eternal flame     300
Warsphinx, Fiery Roar     230
Tomb Scorpion     85
Tomb Scorpion     85


Terrorgheist     225
Terrorgheist     225
Mortis Engine     220
Mortis Engine     220
Casket of Souls     135
Screaming Skull Catapult     90
Screaming Skull Catapult     90



Alrighty then!

Was pretty tight as we were simply playing on a 6' by 4'. I won't go into too much details but hopefully the next few pictures illustrate the big bunch of stuff in the middle and the flanking forces from both sides. Glen bunkered his death lvl4 in a building and made a big turtle of undead slightly to the centre.(Still need that 12" range from Vlad to march - Glen)

Chaos went first. Chosen rolled and chose (heh heh) +1 S for their upgrade. GUO got +1 dispel dice for greater gift and 2++ ward versus first wound for lesser. Kept both.

Turn One Chaos:
Hellcannons sat still, lots of stuff in the middle moved forwards. 4 charges mostly on the flanks (all failed). Centre moved forward almost as fast as possible. During magic I put two dice into the warshrine bound spell to and rolled a 1 and a 2 effectively ending the magic phase. Hellcannons did nothing with shooting despite all the bunched up undead.
Turn One UL:
Glen made some more successful charges including flying the GK out of his unit into a chariot and putting 10 BK with no characters into the 4 drones. Magic deleted another chariot with the TK casket bouncing 4 times much to Glens delight. On my left his Vargheists failed a charge which brought right up behind some TK horse archers. One terrorgheist moved up to scream into drones.
The scream took off a few wounds (bsb nearby and 5++), however the drones flopped in combat losing by a few points, rolling 10 for break test which was re rolled (thanks Nurgle bsb) and rolled an 11… leaving them in dangerous waters.
While the GK easily cleaned up the Nurgle chariot and breached my lines.
Turn Two Chaos:
Dragon Ogres go through TK horse archers into vargheist, one hellcannon near GK goes berserk but doesn't quite make the charge. Everything else pushes forwards. I again put 2 dice into the warshrine and roll a double 1 this time.
 Meanwhile my chaos giant was beating up some chaff on the right flank and had a nice overrun into the side of the ghoul block, however he wasn't quite angry enough and failed (think I need about 8").

Up the centre my last remaining chariot and hit hard into some skele archers while on the right behind the giant the warriors trudged forward looking for some action 
Turn Two UL:
Terrorgheist moves forward to scream hellcannon but wusses out and only does one wound.(Boo Terrorgheist Boo! - Glen)
While the GK avoids all the counter charges by hiding in some ruins.
 Beasts had come into the side of the BK to assist the drones then reformed to face the front, and were now charged in the face by the crypt horrors for an epic tarpit on tarpit fight.

While the second terrorgheist gets behind my lines on the left hand side
Ghouls reform to face the threat of the giant while keeping the plague bearers and GUO in the front arc. Not the best of positions to be in…

 Some weirdos were watching and doing strange things from the sidelines:

 Turn Three Chaos:
 Ghouls get charged successfully by all three GUO, Giant and plaguebearers.

While the chosen make a massive charge across the board into a mortis engine, cleaning through this and into some zombies. In concert with this my chariot up the middle cleaned out the casket and survived the resultant blast.

Again the warshrine rolls a double 1 killing my magic phase due to having less dice (have not even got the scroll yet).
Turn Three UL:
GK comes in to help the tarpit fight alongside the mortis engine screams and sphinx nearby.

 While the ghouls get mashed to pulp over two phases, but do two wounds to the GUO from poison (How is a GUO affected by poison really??)

 Glen tries to get a purple sun off but I dispelled it (IIRC with a double 6 boom!)


Turn Four Chaos:
Vlad and his buddies get pinned with a chariot in rear and warshrine in side (turns out Vlad doesn't like fighting T5 with 4+ ward I kept making)
While the beasts get crushed but managed to stomp the GK in return before going down. I finally get some sort of semi useful spell off but scroll comes out.

Turn Four UL:
Vlad grinds it out as best as possible (I missed some photos here) while his crypt horrors scramble to help but don't do much to warshrine (didn't get any poisons FAIL horrors). Screams target the chosen but don't take much damage thanks to LD9 and regen 5+ (thanks Festus) then they butcher the zombies and face Vlad.

Turn Five Chaos: 
The trap closes on Vlad with the chosen going in. 

While drunk giant jumps in front of the mortis engine to keep it away from the GUO who had been trying to grind the lvl4 death out of the tower. The GUO took about 3 wounds from zombies doing the tower combat and was on one wound! 
Turn Five UL: 
I missed a few photos here but Vlad ends up getting squashed by chosen, Giant gets nailed by the warshrine.(I'm building my own Vampire Lord next time - Glen)

Turn Six:
Two main things happen here. Firstly on my turn the warriors get into tower and butcher the level 4 (who couldn't jump out the other side without getting into chariots charge arc. You'll also see the tomb scorpions who Glen forgot to deploy and spent most of the game under the sands thanks to failed ambush rolls.


In addition despite my best efforts to bravely run the GUO into the corner I was only out of move + scream range not charge range at. Glen declares the charge needing and 11 (IIRC) to get to me and manages to make it crushing the GUO to oblivion.

 Glen only had one mortis engine and two scorpions left, I had lost about 2500-3000pt points so the warriors had eked out a victory. (I'll get you next time Ryan and those pesky Warriors of Chaos too! - Glen)