Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Desolation - Part 3

Day Two.
Coming into day two the team was feeling pretty happy with one loss and two wins. We wanted to put in a good performance today as well.

Game Four. We were matched with team Underdog from the ACT. I was told that these guys were very much anything but underdogs and had some top Tournament players in their ranks.
I was put up against Adam R and his daemons list. This was another case of putting me up to try and minimise losses in a bad match so the others on the team could try get better scores.

Adam was a great opponenet and this was probably one my my most fun games of the weekend. He was running a faily nast daemon list that consisted of a Blood Thirster, 4 small units of pink horrors, 6 fleshhounds, 2 nurgle beasts, 5 fiends, 4 screamers, a skull cannon and a tzeentch soulgrinder.

There were just so many threats in this list and Adam pushed me really hard. We both started out with a cannon off trying to get rid of one another's range threat, but they both quickly had to change focus on threats that were coming at them instead. I got some early points taking off the soulgrinder, and a battle between the Mournfang and Beasts of nurgle drew peoples attention. Apparently this was a fight of current op vs old op, or so im told. The Mournfang won that round.

In turn things seemed pretty even and Adam had to make a choice. Push hard and charge the blood thister in to the ironguts, and hope they break, run them down and take a huge win, that unit would have net him around 1000pts on its own, or instead charge the leadblechers and firebelly in a building for only around 300 points. To my surprise he took his foot off the accelerator and charge the building. He killed some leadbelchers, but being stubborn they didn't go anywhere.

Totalling up the scored Adam had a win, but only a small one 7-13. Eric had won, Scott had one big and John drew meaning we won round four 47-33.

With no lunch provided we set up in search of food before round five. Following the other gamers we stumbled into a shopping centre across the road and found the usual food court items on offer. I only mention this place to say how confusing and like a rabbit warren the place was, thank god for locals.

It was before round five that another team's player was overheard trying to get our next opponents to bend to their will and try somehow rig result's in their favour.

Game Five. We drew team Dad's Army for this round, and was looking forward to trying to set up a game between myself and Kaleb a guy I know from living near me and being around the community for a long time. By some weir hapenstance we've never got to have a game against each other. Yet again we failed to play a game and instead I was matched up against Garry and his many small units Dark Elf army. His list consisted of a shadow sorceress, a BSB master, 4 small units of witch elves, 4 units of dark riders, 2 small units of executioners, 2 bolt throwers and a medium sized unit of sisters of slaughter.

This was a game I never really felt I had a chance in. There was to much poison for me to deal with, not enough points in any unit I could focus on easily and the game it's self had other issue's that left a bad taste in my mouth.

I lost this game quite heavily 3-17, Out team lost the round too but only 39-41, it was very close.

With yet another round to go, and having been drained of energy by five games of warhammer and the emotional endeavour the last round was, I really did not want to play a 6th game.

Game Six. Our final opponents were team Warsome Foursome, and these guys were great. My opposition was Alex and his beastmen. Alex was laid back, didn't care, was there to roll dice, have a laugh and meet people. Like myself he was new to the tournament scene and was just keen to see how things worked and meet new gamers.

Alex's list had caused a fair amount of destruction in practice games we had tried, but I was yet to take it on. It consisted of Lvl 4 Great Shaman with Beasts, wargor bsb, slugtounge with death, lvl 2 shaman with death, huge unit of gors, small unit of gors to ambush, 5 units of ungors with 2 ambushing, huge unit of Bestigors, unit of 3 razorgors, 2 individual razagors and harpies.

Before the game even started slugtounge killed two sabretusks, put my stonhorn on 2 wounds and put a unit of gnoblars down to only 4 models. That was annoying.

Sadly the game didn't draw out for very long. The unit of Razorgors charged my bulls but bounced off the wall of gutplates and ironfists. The ambusing Gors snuck on to my left side threatening my Ironblaster. Drawing on all his might my firebelly responded by throwing an firestorm into the ranks of the large gor throng. As the large template was right on target over half the unit was wiped out.
The Ironblaster decided that shooting was something other people do and charged horns first into the ambushers. Doing enough to break then even with stead fast the chariot ran down the would be ambushers.

A turn later I decided to declare a charge with my bulls on what remained of the large Gor unit with the BSB and Lvl 2 death mage. Alex elected to flee putting them right out of range of the Bulls. Unfortunately though they were exactly 21” away from my Mournfang. With the standard of swiftness I would need a double 6 to catch them, but it wouldn’t matter as they had to flee again anyway and ran right off the table.

After that my firebelly went for a second large firestorm this time on the Bestigors which worked and was on target. The game was then just moping up what was left and ended in a 20-0 win in my favour.

I felt bad for how the game had worked out, but Alex was a great opponent and took it so well. Our team won the round 73-7 which was scaled back tot eh top score of 70. Apparently we were the only team to reach the score cap all weekend so yay us.

Games done we got pack up out of the way and settled in while the TO announced the winners. I thought we'd had a pretty good weekend with four wins and two losses for out team, and had the feeling we might have scraped in a podium, as I hadn't been paying attention to how the other teams were going.

Sure enough I was right and we got onto the podium, which made the weekend even better.

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  1. Massive congratulations on the team's win mate. Fantastic write up for the event too. Very nice to see such a strong showing of well painted armies as well.