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End Times Battle Report - 5000 points - Undead Legion vs Legion of Chaos

End Times Game: Undead Legions (Glen Burfield) versus Chaos (Ryan)


Hello, Ryan here. Glen and I decided to have an End Times game (because why not?). Originally it was going to be the siege of Altdorf (The Defence of Alderfen - how many times do I have to remind you - Editor Glen) from the Nagash book but we simplified it to a big Battleline. Glen had the option of taking Empire and Undead Legions but decided to stick to the former.


We both decided to theme our forces rather than take the usual choices. I stuck with Nurgle and Gurgurratlthy (or whatever his name is) from the original mission and Glen decided humans were not worth and went full Undead with Vlad leading the charge as per the original mission in addition.


The forces brought to bear were as follows:


Chaos Forces (not the ET book – but WoC and DoC in any combination)




GUO, LVL4 Nurgle, Exalted Gift, Lesser Gift    580


40 Plaguebearers, FC    550


6 Beasts of Nurgle    360
5 Nurgle Furies    70
5 Nurgle Furies    70
2 Nurgling swarms    80


4 Plague Drones, Muso, Std, MR1    260




Exalted, BSB, Nurgle, Halberd, Scaled Skin, HoME, Dawnstone     221
Festus    190


20 Nurgle Warriors, FC, HW/Shield, Gleaming     375
5 Nurgle Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso    100
5 Nurgle Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso    100
5 Nurgle Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso    100
Nurgle Chariot    120    
Nurgle Chariot    120    
Nurgle Chariot    120    


20 Nurgle Chosen, GW, FC, Discipline    505
3 Dragon Ogres, GW    204
Nurgle Warshrine    135


Hellcannon     210
Hellcannon    210




Chaos Seige Giant, Runes of Hatred, Scaling Spikes    310




Undead Legions:


Vlad Von Carstein, Mortarch of Shadow    500
Ghoul King, ogre blade, OTS, DBG, red fury, flying horror    400
Master Necromancer, L4 Death, Cursed Book    235


Necromancer, Dispel Scroll    90
Wight King, Shield, Nightshroud, Seed of Rebirth    139


30 Zombies, M, St    100
30 Zombies, M, St    100
40 Skeletons, FC, Swiftness    245
35 Ghouls, Ghast    360
5 Dire Wolves    40
5 Dire Wolves    40
5 Dire Wolves    40
5 Horse Archers    70
5 Horse Archers    70
14 Skeleton Archers, M    94
14 Skeleton Archers, M    94


8 Crypt Horrors    304
2 Fell Bats    32
3 Vargheists    138
10 Black Knights, FC, banner of eternal flame     300
Warsphinx, Fiery Roar     230
Tomb Scorpion     85
Tomb Scorpion     85


Terrorgheist     225
Terrorgheist     225
Mortis Engine     220
Mortis Engine     220
Casket of Souls     135
Screaming Skull Catapult     90
Screaming Skull Catapult     90



Alrighty then!

Was pretty tight as we were simply playing on a 6' by 4'. I won't go into too much details but hopefully the next few pictures illustrate the big bunch of stuff in the middle and the flanking forces from both sides. Glen bunkered his death lvl4 in a building and made a big turtle of undead slightly to the centre.(Still need that 12" range from Vlad to march - Glen)

Chaos went first. Chosen rolled and chose (heh heh) +1 S for their upgrade. GUO got +1 dispel dice for greater gift and 2++ ward versus first wound for lesser. Kept both.

Turn One Chaos:
Hellcannons sat still, lots of stuff in the middle moved forwards. 4 charges mostly on the flanks (all failed). Centre moved forward almost as fast as possible. During magic I put two dice into the warshrine bound spell to and rolled a 1 and a 2 effectively ending the magic phase. Hellcannons did nothing with shooting despite all the bunched up undead.
Turn One UL:
Glen made some more successful charges including flying the GK out of his unit into a chariot and putting 10 BK with no characters into the 4 drones. Magic deleted another chariot with the TK casket bouncing 4 times much to Glens delight. On my left his Vargheists failed a charge which brought right up behind some TK horse archers. One terrorgheist moved up to scream into drones.
The scream took off a few wounds (bsb nearby and 5++), however the drones flopped in combat losing by a few points, rolling 10 for break test which was re rolled (thanks Nurgle bsb) and rolled an 11… leaving them in dangerous waters.
While the GK easily cleaned up the Nurgle chariot and breached my lines.
Turn Two Chaos:
Dragon Ogres go through TK horse archers into vargheist, one hellcannon near GK goes berserk but doesn't quite make the charge. Everything else pushes forwards. I again put 2 dice into the warshrine and roll a double 1 this time.
 Meanwhile my chaos giant was beating up some chaff on the right flank and had a nice overrun into the side of the ghoul block, however he wasn't quite angry enough and failed (think I need about 8").

Up the centre my last remaining chariot and hit hard into some skele archers while on the right behind the giant the warriors trudged forward looking for some action 
Turn Two UL:
Terrorgheist moves forward to scream hellcannon but wusses out and only does one wound.(Boo Terrorgheist Boo! - Glen)
While the GK avoids all the counter charges by hiding in some ruins.
 Beasts had come into the side of the BK to assist the drones then reformed to face the front, and were now charged in the face by the crypt horrors for an epic tarpit on tarpit fight.

While the second terrorgheist gets behind my lines on the left hand side
Ghouls reform to face the threat of the giant while keeping the plague bearers and GUO in the front arc. Not the best of positions to be in…

 Some weirdos were watching and doing strange things from the sidelines:

 Turn Three Chaos:
 Ghouls get charged successfully by all three GUO, Giant and plaguebearers.

While the chosen make a massive charge across the board into a mortis engine, cleaning through this and into some zombies. In concert with this my chariot up the middle cleaned out the casket and survived the resultant blast.

Again the warshrine rolls a double 1 killing my magic phase due to having less dice (have not even got the scroll yet).
Turn Three UL:
GK comes in to help the tarpit fight alongside the mortis engine screams and sphinx nearby.

 While the ghouls get mashed to pulp over two phases, but do two wounds to the GUO from poison (How is a GUO affected by poison really??)

 Glen tries to get a purple sun off but I dispelled it (IIRC with a double 6 boom!)


Turn Four Chaos:
Vlad and his buddies get pinned with a chariot in rear and warshrine in side (turns out Vlad doesn't like fighting T5 with 4+ ward I kept making)
While the beasts get crushed but managed to stomp the GK in return before going down. I finally get some sort of semi useful spell off but scroll comes out.

Turn Four UL:
Vlad grinds it out as best as possible (I missed some photos here) while his crypt horrors scramble to help but don't do much to warshrine (didn't get any poisons FAIL horrors). Screams target the chosen but don't take much damage thanks to LD9 and regen 5+ (thanks Festus) then they butcher the zombies and face Vlad.

Turn Five Chaos: 
The trap closes on Vlad with the chosen going in. 

While drunk giant jumps in front of the mortis engine to keep it away from the GUO who had been trying to grind the lvl4 death out of the tower. The GUO took about 3 wounds from zombies doing the tower combat and was on one wound! 
Turn Five UL: 
I missed a few photos here but Vlad ends up getting squashed by chosen, Giant gets nailed by the warshrine.(I'm building my own Vampire Lord next time - Glen)

Turn Six:
Two main things happen here. Firstly on my turn the warriors get into tower and butcher the level 4 (who couldn't jump out the other side without getting into chariots charge arc. You'll also see the tomb scorpions who Glen forgot to deploy and spent most of the game under the sands thanks to failed ambush rolls.


In addition despite my best efforts to bravely run the GUO into the corner I was only out of move + scream range not charge range at. Glen declares the charge needing and 11 (IIRC) to get to me and manages to make it crushing the GUO to oblivion.

 Glen only had one mortis engine and two scorpions left, I had lost about 2500-3000pt points so the warriors had eked out a victory. (I'll get you next time Ryan and those pesky Warriors of Chaos too! - Glen)

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