Friday, July 31, 2015

Lord of the D

Surprise Battle 25.07.2015 – Or “Lord of the D”

So last Saturday I was very pleasantly surprised when Wil and Glen lured me over for a surprise super heavy over game of 40k.

I had been instructed to bring my Imperial Knight (despite playing WHFB), and combined with Wil’s knight, the 3 further Imperial Knights from Levin, 2 Eldar Wraithknights (recent entrants to the super heavy club), Eldar Revenant Titan, Lynx, Khorne Lord of Skulls, Baneblade, we formed the two teams:

Eldar Revenant Titan, 2 Wraithknights (1 x dual wraithcannon, 1 x sword and shield), Eldar Lynx, Lord of Skulls


5 Imperial Knights (1 gun knight, 3 errants, 1 paladin, in formation from new book), Baneblade, Firestorm redoubt.

The Imperial side set up in a rough line of knights with baneblade and firestorm behind.

The Xenos/Traitor army were aggressive with the lord of skulls on the Imperial right flank and sword/shield Wraithknight on the Imperial left flank. Behind this lurked the 2 cannon Wraithknight, followed by the Revenant Titan and the Lynx right at the back.

The Imperials went first.

Concentrated firepower into the lord of skulls was reasonably effective initially. Some well timed 5++ demon saves meant the damage ended up at only 3 HP. The gun Imperial Knight unleased on the sword/board Wraithknight but thanks to 5++ and 5+ FNP did no damage.

Then the Eldar started.

Lord of skulls & sword/board Wraithknight moved forward. Revenant and Lynx moved about ½ inch to get the holo shield. The Imperials were taking a few HP here and there, but most being soaked up by ion shields. This changed when the Revenant opened up. One pulse laser rolled a ‘6’ against the baneblade while the other rolled a ‘6’ against the gun Imperial Knight. With D, that meant no saves and 6 + d6 HP – TAKE IT OFF!

Imperial second turn.

This saw a ganging up on the lord of skulls. A pen from one of the thermal cannons got an explodes result and took this off.  Some further wounds were put on the sword/board, but the reoccurring save absorbed these. A good shot hit the revenant but the Holo field meant we hit nothing but air. The redoubt took some wounds from the sword/board knight.

Eldar second turn.

Surprisingly little – some HP damage here and there but thankfully no D ‘6’s so shields kept the Imperials safe. Sword/Board Wraithknight failed a charge.

Imperial third turn.

One of the remaining Imperial Knights charged the Sword/Board knight but was cut down by the D sword at initiative 5 (no shield in combat boy!).

Eldar (third?) turn…

Another two D ‘6’ results from the ranged firepower took off another two knights. From here the Eldar quickly mopped up the Imperials.

Ranged D is da bomb.... The Imperials couldn't protect against the ignoring of the saves and the ability to put 6 + d6 HP damage out. In contrast, the Imperials had a lot of non-D firepower but no way to ignore the saves at range. Getting close may have paid off but had to get through the Lord of Skulls and Sword Wraithknight which took too long (and ultimately didn't work!)

All in all a silly game but very fun game, and a great excuse to get those big models on the table.

I now have a second Imperial knight to build and paint with all the extra guns so looking forward to that!

Thanks again Glen and Wil for the surprise – really made my day J