Monday, February 28, 2011

some more ladies

Finished a few more Sisters of Battle for Hoverd, more to do of course and a near complete Raider and a 2k High Elf army and a Titan and a ...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A High Elf list I like

After a couple weeks of deliberating I have what I like the looks of. As I'm not overly experienced with the current incarnation of 8th ed Fantasy I had to trawl the net and got pretty mixed messages in regards to the High Elves. A few things seemed consistent though but as this list is for Runefang I'm going to go with a nice mix mainly including models I like where possible.

The theme is a Mage Priest of Asuryan out in the dark nasty places of the Old World on Crusade vs the forces of Chaos. A lot of net advice suggested using 2 mages and in larger games I will but for the theme I'm going to try and stick to High magic and see how it goes. I'm not sold on the fact that magic is king when in fact its a big point sink for a very random factor in the game. However I'd rather have the Archmage to counter enemy spells than not.

Archmage, lvl 4, Annulian Crystal 300
Noble, bsb, gw, Armour of Caledor 143

23 Spearmen inc full command 232 (prob put the bsb in here)
17 Lothern Seaguard with shields inc full command 246
12 Archers 132

19 Phoenix Guard inc full command 315 (Archmage in here, 4+ward might save some PG from a nasty miscast)
14 Swordmasters inc full command 240
Lion Chariot 140
5 Dragon Princes inc full command 200

Great Eagle 50
Total 1998

Good solid core to the army with infantry blocks, the archers are in for variety and I own some already. Hopefully theyl soften up some smaller units.

The Chariot, Dragon Princes and Eagle wil hopefully be able to work in concert charging en mass into flanking targets.

My first couple of builds had more characters but I think the lack of troops was key to my constant defeats. Hopefully I'll get a trial game in this weekend vs Coldbane. Better ignore WoW for a bit too and get A into G and paint some more elves.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eldar vs Coldbane's Dark Eldar

Had a very good 'instructive' game yesterday vs Coldbane's Dark Eldar. It was the first chance we have actually played each other and the Craftworld got to go up against their cousins.

We played a 'What was that!?' scenario or thunderhawk down as commonly known. I used a modified list of the one I have previously posted, having dropped the Vyper and filled out the scorpions, fire dragons and pathfinders with another man each as suggested by Hivealiscious.

We played the game with me offering advice and questioning play choices so that Coldbane can leanr to you the mobility of the Dark Eldar better as I have over the last couple of years with the Eldar.

Various mayhem was had across the table with both of us claiming the opposing corners fairly early on and unnbuffed harlequins vs charging Incubi are going to fall like anyone else, though I did a dirty and 'hit & run' the last 2 clowns out of combat and then proceeded to shoot and cause the Archon and the remaining 3 Incubi to spend the rest of the game fleeing from the board ;)

When the ship did come down the Dark Eldar swarmed en mass to the wreckage in a flotilla of Raiders with a Ravager support. I would like to say that 2 Wyches going to ground and having 'feel no pain' was nigh frakkin impossible to shift though I shoved another squad off the wreckage with a kamikaze Falcon.

The end result on turn 5 was a draw with 1! Wych and a partial warrior squad being contested by a Jetbike squad and Dire Avengers in the previously mentioned Falcon. Abother turn would have seen my troops probably shifted off but in turn a lot of firepower coming to bare on the few remaining Dark Eldar so I dont think it would have gone mush differently.

Hopefully Coldbane learnt a few things like having the luxury of mobility and restraining moving units early on when they can benefit from cover and deny the opponent targets. Also getting better at estimating ranges makes a big difference too when playing a fast army. We had a chat afterwards and I hope to see some Mandrakes next game as in big enough numbers I think they have fanatastic potential as I am finding with the Striking Scorpions.

After that we had a 2k fantasy game, High Elves vs Dark Elves. I used the upcoming Runefang restrictions for my HE list. We played a standard pitched battle as Coldbane tryed to sway me to take HE to Runefang but omfg they don't seem to like me, I got thoroughly molested by the dark kin and even though I really like the HE I struggle to think of a good balanced fun build. Yup Coldbanes Dark Elves smashed me big time. I do think Im stacking too much in Mages which is a waste at this point and made a revised list after which equated to 4 blocks of infantry and 4 characters but that just doesn't seem fun. So back to the drawing board to compare Chaos and High Elves. I need to sort it tou fairly quickly either way

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eldar like Awesome

Check out what I'm probably going to buy a couple of, I will use them as normal Warwalkers but check out their rules... troop choices!! =D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Runefang fun force

I need to make a choice asap as to what I take to Runefang mid April. The campaign weekend is focused on fun and I plan to NOT take a cookie cutter competitive army, this will let me take a nice fluffy themed army which would fit into the warhammer fantasy world nicely. My two armies to choose from are High Elves or Warriors of Chaos. I have 2 months to paint a force and I have a lot of models for both so wont involve much money.

If anyone has suggestions/ideas for themes I would appreciate it, I have had the following

Empire explorer finds Chaos artifacts in a lost tomb and transforms into a champion of the Gods, his team of labourers and advisors get corrupted or go insane. Marauder units as crazed labour force, hired Ogres succumb to Khornes influence, Imperial Wizard turns to Tzeentch etc. Could involve minor conversion work.

A Chaos force of either darkness or light, eg shadow creatures/shades or corrupt angel beings?

High Elves
Archmages personal army from Hoeth, eg Swordmaster bodyguards, a couple of lesser mages in the build.

A very militant prince out to tell the forces of the old world how to live their lives as they cant seem to do it right themselves. Light on magic but a lot of Elite troop types to beat down the opposition with their superior skills.

Anything else?

Sunday in revue

Had a win vs the Sisters of Battle on Sunday morning though take into consideration the general was a tiny bit hung over from his wife's party and really has to work on learning the faith system he did quite well.

We played the good old 6 objectives with 3 being real game which for me is a nice balance for a new or trialing army. For me the Vyper is a big waste of time and yes it was the first thing to die but the points can be spent better on buffing the existing units more or somehow crammin a 2nd farseer with fortune in to support the harlequins. The scorpions will stay, the models are great and as long as you dont bite off more than they can chew they perform really well and this considering they came on the 'wrong' side of the board. The guide/falcon works a charm too so this will push a few more units into the 'pretty and painted' category f my collection.

Hivealiscious =) was too aggresive with his troop choice sisters and not his elites which he will not do again, the Exorcists were plagued by some horrific dice rolls as was a lot of the Sisters play in the early stages of the game with good old Farseer Wryth rolling the 6's as usual ;D

The sisters list is really nicely balanced and great to learn the codex with, plenty of mech but all units have a purpose and I think will perform well vs any kind of build.

All in all a well paced game that didn't take too long in spite of our wives grumbling about food.

Sunday night I saw True Grit with my dad and Ali's family, its a western and I didn't know what to expect but its AWESOME, very funny in a dark way and all the performances were fantastic.

Not a bad Sunday at all and Wellington was the busiest I'd seen it in a loonng time too, damn hot.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Eldar 1750 to work with

So this is a refinment of the list I played Guilliman/Russ(whatever he decides on) with and had a lot of un in doing so.

Current build

Farseer, stones, doom, guide, warding, witnessing, spear 148

5 Dire Avengers 60
3 Jetbikes inc cannon 76
3 Jetbikes inc cannon 76
5 Pathfinders 120

6 Fire Dragons inc Exarch with DBF, tank hunters 123
Wave Serpent, stones, twin EML, cannon 140
10 Harlequins inc Troupe master, shadowseer, death jester, 9 kisses 276
9 Striking Scorpions inc Exarch with Claw, stalker, shadowstrike 196

Vyper, cannon and underslung cannon 60

Nightspinner 115
3 Warwalkers with scatter lasers 180
Falcon with EML, stones, holo field 180

Total 1750

I'll be giving this a go on Sunday vs some Sisters of Battle so win or lose it should be fun though I'm feeling pretty happy to keep working on this no matter what. It offers scorpions and a Vyper to paint which I've been wanting to do for a while and it uses 1 of the 3 Falcons I own.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The road to Runefang

I have expressed interest in Pete Dunn's upcoming WFB campaign 'fun' weekend and the more I think about it the more enthusiastic I am to get a force together and go.

I need a 2k army with a focus on fun and fluff which suits me fine as thats how I want to play WFB anyway.

My options are High Elves or Warriors of Chaos and I'm heavily leaning towards Chaos as so many models are sitting out in the gaming room ready for some painting love.

I will be making a Tzeentch build with a Lord leading a force of magic addicted followers. Im not sure if I should use a Sorcerer or Lord as my general, mage fits the theme better but I want the melee smashing power of the lord but I can prob get that with an exalted hero.

If anyone has suggestions please share, I may even use a spawn or 2 even though they're supposed to be crap but if it fits the theme I don't care.

The Webway opens!

Here is the first completed set of models from the new Dark Eldar range. Expect to see a few other updates on this army for Cody and the Sisters of Battle for Wil or whatever his eclesiarchy alias may be.

Have a Raider undercoated and to be painted in Cody's Wyche cult scheme which will be a Sith scheme, red and black. Alongside that are a handful of Sisters of Battle to do final details on.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Should put the blog to use...

So almost a year since I created the blog and didn't use it, oh well.

For the boys who played at my place over the weekend a big thank you. All the games I saw or played were awesome in there own way. The 1750's were very close games which I thinks reflects an improvement in everyones gameplay.

The 'fun' Eldar list I played really gave me some good ideas and focus for a new competitive but soft comp list which I have worked on a little more with Stu and Mitch or should that be Tiros and Raern for posting purposes...

The 5 player Kill Team game late Friday night was hilarious from the first bullet fired, "1 shot 1 kill" I believe was the phrase I used when an Eldar pathfinder put a shot clean through the face plate of a Tzeentch worshipping terminator.

Sure by the end of it I only had a single Pathfinder left but after being the meat in the Daemon/Genestealer sandwich I'm pretty happy with racking up the most points of kills =)

On Saturday we played a couple games of Spearhead and no matter what abuse the expansion may have received online I loved the two games played. Guys download it asap from GW we need to play more of them. It's mini Apocalypse which is fantastic because you don't need the time consuming hundreds of infantry to worry about.

In the 2 games we got to play with Titans, lots of MC and lots of tanks and at the end of the games I really don't think anybody was bothered who had won as long as sh*t got blown up... including rerolling the Brass Scorpions nuclear explosion because the first one rolled was way to small lol.

So guys please comment/post on this site if you can, I'd love to have it as a personal forum we can use to theory out lists and keep each other up to date on projects.