Friday, February 11, 2011

New Eldar 1750 to work with

So this is a refinment of the list I played Guilliman/Russ(whatever he decides on) with and had a lot of un in doing so.

Current build

Farseer, stones, doom, guide, warding, witnessing, spear 148

5 Dire Avengers 60
3 Jetbikes inc cannon 76
3 Jetbikes inc cannon 76
5 Pathfinders 120

6 Fire Dragons inc Exarch with DBF, tank hunters 123
Wave Serpent, stones, twin EML, cannon 140
10 Harlequins inc Troupe master, shadowseer, death jester, 9 kisses 276
9 Striking Scorpions inc Exarch with Claw, stalker, shadowstrike 196

Vyper, cannon and underslung cannon 60

Nightspinner 115
3 Warwalkers with scatter lasers 180
Falcon with EML, stones, holo field 180

Total 1750

I'll be giving this a go on Sunday vs some Sisters of Battle so win or lose it should be fun though I'm feeling pretty happy to keep working on this no matter what. It offers scorpions and a Vyper to paint which I've been wanting to do for a while and it uses 1 of the 3 Falcons I own.

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