Monday, February 14, 2011

Runefang fun force

I need to make a choice asap as to what I take to Runefang mid April. The campaign weekend is focused on fun and I plan to NOT take a cookie cutter competitive army, this will let me take a nice fluffy themed army which would fit into the warhammer fantasy world nicely. My two armies to choose from are High Elves or Warriors of Chaos. I have 2 months to paint a force and I have a lot of models for both so wont involve much money.

If anyone has suggestions/ideas for themes I would appreciate it, I have had the following

Empire explorer finds Chaos artifacts in a lost tomb and transforms into a champion of the Gods, his team of labourers and advisors get corrupted or go insane. Marauder units as crazed labour force, hired Ogres succumb to Khornes influence, Imperial Wizard turns to Tzeentch etc. Could involve minor conversion work.

A Chaos force of either darkness or light, eg shadow creatures/shades or corrupt angel beings?

High Elves
Archmages personal army from Hoeth, eg Swordmaster bodyguards, a couple of lesser mages in the build.

A very militant prince out to tell the forces of the old world how to live their lives as they cant seem to do it right themselves. Light on magic but a lot of Elite troop types to beat down the opposition with their superior skills.

Anything else?

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