Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eldar vs Coldbane's Dark Eldar

Had a very good 'instructive' game yesterday vs Coldbane's Dark Eldar. It was the first chance we have actually played each other and the Craftworld got to go up against their cousins.

We played a 'What was that!?' scenario or thunderhawk down as commonly known. I used a modified list of the one I have previously posted, having dropped the Vyper and filled out the scorpions, fire dragons and pathfinders with another man each as suggested by Hivealiscious.

We played the game with me offering advice and questioning play choices so that Coldbane can leanr to you the mobility of the Dark Eldar better as I have over the last couple of years with the Eldar.

Various mayhem was had across the table with both of us claiming the opposing corners fairly early on and unnbuffed harlequins vs charging Incubi are going to fall like anyone else, though I did a dirty and 'hit & run' the last 2 clowns out of combat and then proceeded to shoot and cause the Archon and the remaining 3 Incubi to spend the rest of the game fleeing from the board ;)

When the ship did come down the Dark Eldar swarmed en mass to the wreckage in a flotilla of Raiders with a Ravager support. I would like to say that 2 Wyches going to ground and having 'feel no pain' was nigh frakkin impossible to shift though I shoved another squad off the wreckage with a kamikaze Falcon.

The end result on turn 5 was a draw with 1! Wych and a partial warrior squad being contested by a Jetbike squad and Dire Avengers in the previously mentioned Falcon. Abother turn would have seen my troops probably shifted off but in turn a lot of firepower coming to bare on the few remaining Dark Eldar so I dont think it would have gone mush differently.

Hopefully Coldbane learnt a few things like having the luxury of mobility and restraining moving units early on when they can benefit from cover and deny the opponent targets. Also getting better at estimating ranges makes a big difference too when playing a fast army. We had a chat afterwards and I hope to see some Mandrakes next game as in big enough numbers I think they have fanatastic potential as I am finding with the Striking Scorpions.

After that we had a 2k fantasy game, High Elves vs Dark Elves. I used the upcoming Runefang restrictions for my HE list. We played a standard pitched battle as Coldbane tryed to sway me to take HE to Runefang but omfg they don't seem to like me, I got thoroughly molested by the dark kin and even though I really like the HE I struggle to think of a good balanced fun build. Yup Coldbanes Dark Elves smashed me big time. I do think Im stacking too much in Mages which is a waste at this point and made a revised list after which equated to 4 blocks of infantry and 4 characters but that just doesn't seem fun. So back to the drawing board to compare Chaos and High Elves. I need to sort it tou fairly quickly either way


  1. Here is the new list this is 1750 on the dot lol, I think its light on troops

    Archon, huskblade. combat drugs, soul trap, phantasm and shadow field (170)
    (9) incubi and the klaivex (213)
    In a raider with flickerfield (70)

    (10) mandrakes and a nightfiend (160)

    (10) mandrakes and a nightfiend (160)

    (10) wyches, hydra gauntlets, shardnet, Hekatrix with a Agonizer. In a raider with flickerfield (200)

    (10) wyches, hydra gauntlets, shardnet, Hekatrix with a Agonizer. In a raider with flickerfield (200)

    (10) warriors with a darklance (115)

    (6) reavers, 2 blasters and a arena champ (172)

    Ravager with flickerfield and nightshields (125)

    Ravager with flickerfield and nightshields (125)