Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The road to Runefang

I have expressed interest in Pete Dunn's upcoming WFB campaign 'fun' weekend and the more I think about it the more enthusiastic I am to get a force together and go.

I need a 2k army with a focus on fun and fluff which suits me fine as thats how I want to play WFB anyway.

My options are High Elves or Warriors of Chaos and I'm heavily leaning towards Chaos as so many models are sitting out in the gaming room ready for some painting love.

I will be making a Tzeentch build with a Lord leading a force of magic addicted followers. Im not sure if I should use a Sorcerer or Lord as my general, mage fits the theme better but I want the melee smashing power of the lord but I can prob get that with an exalted hero.

If anyone has suggestions please share, I may even use a spawn or 2 even though they're supposed to be crap but if it fits the theme I don't care.


  1. Why are spawn always crap? They're actually fairly interesting models. All they need is a fair points cost and they're set.

  2. For 55 points a model they have random attacks, movement an seem vulnerable to missile fire but for an army of Tzeentch worshipping nutjobs they fit well