Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday in revue

Had a win vs the Sisters of Battle on Sunday morning though take into consideration the general was a tiny bit hung over from his wife's party and really has to work on learning the faith system he did quite well.

We played the good old 6 objectives with 3 being real game which for me is a nice balance for a new or trialing army. For me the Vyper is a big waste of time and yes it was the first thing to die but the points can be spent better on buffing the existing units more or somehow crammin a 2nd farseer with fortune in to support the harlequins. The scorpions will stay, the models are great and as long as you dont bite off more than they can chew they perform really well and this considering they came on the 'wrong' side of the board. The guide/falcon works a charm too so this will push a few more units into the 'pretty and painted' category f my collection.

Hivealiscious =) was too aggresive with his troop choice sisters and not his elites which he will not do again, the Exorcists were plagued by some horrific dice rolls as was a lot of the Sisters play in the early stages of the game with good old Farseer Wryth rolling the 6's as usual ;D

The sisters list is really nicely balanced and great to learn the codex with, plenty of mech but all units have a purpose and I think will perform well vs any kind of build.

All in all a well paced game that didn't take too long in spite of our wives grumbling about food.

Sunday night I saw True Grit with my dad and Ali's family, its a western and I didn't know what to expect but its AWESOME, very funny in a dark way and all the performances were fantastic.

Not a bad Sunday at all and Wellington was the busiest I'd seen it in a loonng time too, damn hot.


  1. Yeah it was good to finally put an army on the table. You can only go so far with making an army without playing it. I was pretty happy with their first outing. There is a heap of stuff now to work on, practice or trial.

    Looks like I am going to be losing a few games before I learn the ins and outs of the list.
    I am in no hurry to play Mitch because currently he might break his losing streak! I am now officially ducking games against him :)

    I was pretty happy with the list. Our game certainly indicated that learning to use faith properly is definitely now a priority. First for rule clarity and then to use them as an effective tactic and point of difference.

    We also saw how fragile sister squads can be. Maybe I will consider a horde Sister unit? Our game also made me reconsider the Inquistor lord simply for the psychic hood as well as for some other shenanigans.

    I had a great idea that I could use a Homunculuous as a Inquistor lord and Lelith as a callidus assasin! An inquisitorial group, secretly subverted by the dark eldar,
    How cool would that be?

  2. Thats an awesome idea Hoverd, it would give you some silly toys to play with as well. Watch out for Ordo Xenos notice though...

  3. Whats in the sisters list and what mistakes were made? Happy to give some advice, been playing and doing well with sisters for quite some time now.

    I'm shocked to see someone say a sisters unit is fragile. They are anything but fragile, people tend to cry when they hit them with 6 power klaws and only one or two die. It's all in the faith points!