Thursday, February 24, 2011

A High Elf list I like

After a couple weeks of deliberating I have what I like the looks of. As I'm not overly experienced with the current incarnation of 8th ed Fantasy I had to trawl the net and got pretty mixed messages in regards to the High Elves. A few things seemed consistent though but as this list is for Runefang I'm going to go with a nice mix mainly including models I like where possible.

The theme is a Mage Priest of Asuryan out in the dark nasty places of the Old World on Crusade vs the forces of Chaos. A lot of net advice suggested using 2 mages and in larger games I will but for the theme I'm going to try and stick to High magic and see how it goes. I'm not sold on the fact that magic is king when in fact its a big point sink for a very random factor in the game. However I'd rather have the Archmage to counter enemy spells than not.

Archmage, lvl 4, Annulian Crystal 300
Noble, bsb, gw, Armour of Caledor 143

23 Spearmen inc full command 232 (prob put the bsb in here)
17 Lothern Seaguard with shields inc full command 246
12 Archers 132

19 Phoenix Guard inc full command 315 (Archmage in here, 4+ward might save some PG from a nasty miscast)
14 Swordmasters inc full command 240
Lion Chariot 140
5 Dragon Princes inc full command 200

Great Eagle 50
Total 1998

Good solid core to the army with infantry blocks, the archers are in for variety and I own some already. Hopefully theyl soften up some smaller units.

The Chariot, Dragon Princes and Eagle wil hopefully be able to work in concert charging en mass into flanking targets.

My first couple of builds had more characters but I think the lack of troops was key to my constant defeats. Hopefully I'll get a trial game in this weekend vs Coldbane. Better ignore WoW for a bit too and get A into G and paint some more elves.


  1. ignore WoW >.> lol you must never say those words

  2. Are you guys playing 8th with rules straight form the book? The WHFB tourny community here has put in a number of set 'house rules' that we all think really improve the game and make it more fun and competitive at the same time.

    The magic phase will have a “Hard Cap” of 12 dice. NO Item, spell or ability can increase a magic phase to above 12 dice, any additionally generated are wasted (ie The Sacrificial Dagger, Death Magic Lore attribute etc can all be used, until the casting player has generated a total of 12 dice to use in their magic phase). In the case of a miscast, the lost dice still count towards the 12.

    -"Look out, Sir!" rolls will be allowed on the following spells - Infernal Gateway, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th spell, Pit of Shades, Purple Sun, Dwellers Below.

    - The Power Scroll from the BRB has been BANNED.