Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Fate of Decks and Another Battle

Many members of our group have been buying the various official fate decks made by wyrd recently. The results have mostly been disappointing. The "Classic Fate Deck" has different shades of colour on the back of the cards, which is a really bad thing when your cards in hand could potentially be inferred without seeing the front. The "Arcane Fate Deck" is really hard to figure out which suit the card you are holding is, which only slows things down.

I think I got lucky when I picked the "Seriously Twisted Fate Deck" - the number and suit is clear, and the backs are consistent, and the well made box with magnetic lid leaves room to bring cards for schemes/strategies/stat cards as you wish.

In other news, got another match in yesterday. This was my Guild versus Wil's Gremlins using GG 2017. Strategy was same as last time, secure the stash. We both took claim jump and I took inspection while Wil took leave your mark. Of course I didn't know this yet...

Deployment was spread out for the Guild, concentrated for the Gremlins

Guild were spread out, to aim at centre/flanks as necessary. 

Gremlins mostly bunched on my right
The Guild moved up the middle and right, the Gremlins re positioned to my right, but both pretty cautiously.

Justice in murder mode while death marshal jumping around
Justice went on a murder rampage against the smaller Gremlins, hoping to reduce the numbers disparity. I stayed away from Mancha as he has the magic armour thingy. Ironically I later found out Mancha was worried I had taken a quick murder scheme so was playing cautiously also.

Holding the left flank
 The Judge and a marshall held the left flank, not really bothering to push up to get rid of the lone Gremlin left. Just sat there dropping schemes and getting inspection points.

I should learn to hold my hands steady...
I put points on the board early for claim jump and the strategy, but maxed out the former and my numbers began to tell at the end for the latter. Mancha smashed me out of the centre, though I continued to hold the flanks for inspection, it meant the Judge and Lady Justice couldn't come out and kill more without losing those points.

The Gremlins used late game advantages in numbers to be more aggressive and get points for strategy and the master Wong nipped across the board to pick up further points for leave your mark.

Overall very tight game which ended in a 7-7 draw.

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