Friday, April 7, 2017

Magnetic Basing

When I moved into WHFB several years ago, something I ventured into was magnetic basing.

Tired of knocking over 40 skeletons and having to re rank them, packing up 200+ models before and after a game, and trying to transport them, I knew I had to change something.

I went through a few iterations of different methods before I settled on the current process. Thankfully playing Infinity and Malifaux means fewer models to complete but is still working well.

First I grab a model, like this nice shiny new bashi bazouks

Tip it over

Grab out some super glue and spak filler, along with your magnet of choice. I find 5mm x 1mm a good size for 25mm based metal models, or 30mm based plastics.

Fill the base with some spak filler.


Place a magnet on whatever board you are working on, then add a drop of super glue

Press the model onto the magnet.

Check the base is flush afterwards and leave for a good 12 hours to set. Then you can transport your models on any metal surface (like an oven tray) inside any suitable container (sistema is awesome)

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