Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Malifaux rising

Had my fourth game of Malifaux last night. I used Lady Justice based crew versus Greg with Misaki. 45ss as I am still waiting on some new models. We played five turns across about 2 hours using Gaining Grounds 2017 schemes and strategies. The strategy was protect the loot, so getting non-peons to the centre near 2 50mm markers.

It started with the Guild pushing up both flanks and the Ten Thunders moving up the middle.

Crews move up the middle

Justice moving up the flank while Misaki takes the centre right
Judge and Marshall face off against Torakage

The Judge moved out and took all the Torakage firepower with barely a scratch. Which was a shame, as I was hoping he would get me some points for framed for murder scheme.

Misaki controls one objective

Misaki was sitting in the middle early but then ran straight at Lady Justice. Feeling like this was a frame for murder, but thinking it would be good to get rid of Misaki early, Justice ripped her to pieces. Unfortunately my hunch was correct and I went down 3 points..

Archer support

Shots were exchanged in the middle...

Fight over the left flank

The Judge continued to not die, but then the Marshall I need alive for inspection scheme got hit with red joker on the damage flip and died.

Hannah takes command

Hannah moved up the middle with Misaki gone to be a bully.

Justice and Marshall

Justice and Marshall had this flank well covered, but lots of points just sitting around...

More shooting

I lost track of taking photos at this point. IIRC the end of the game played out as so...

  • Me picking up 1 point each for inspection & strategy 
  • Greg picked up 2 points for strategy 
  • The Judge refusing to die, or take hardly any damage.
  • Hannah and Justice murdering almost the entire Ten Thunders crew between them. She was finally taken down by Ten Thunder archer flurry and then swiftly avenged by Justice.

Failing to pick up framed for murder while Greg picking up max points for this scheme sealed the game. I did manage to table him but only by turn 5 - which the game ended. I could have picked up a few more points for strategy and inspection with better play - but also framed for murder was the wrong scheme for me to pick.

Getting familiar with the system now, fun times!

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