Sunday, April 8, 2012

Titan Forge Goodies

On Thursday I recieved my latest little order for Maelstrom Games. This contained a wonderful selection of the Titan Forge undead range.

I got 6 Flesh reapers which I plan on using as Crypt Horrors, 2 Vampire Bats which I'll use as Fell Bats though you could maybe get away with Vargheists and Count Igork von Sharpfang who will make a fine Necromancer or caster Vampire.

I must say I am very impressed with the quality of these miniatures. In comparison to GW Finecast, Forgeworld and bases from Iron Halo and Secret War Miniatures these top the list easy. Very little flash if any, barely any trace of mold lines, no bubbles! The packaging is nice in small sturdy boxes with artwork on the front and photos of the models on the back.

The models inside are seperated into the miniatures themselves in a resealable bag, sprue free and the scenic bases(yes they come with) are in a seperate bag. The Count was in a small blister pack of his own but again sprue free and secure.

I have assembled the Flesh Tearers,the Count and his small undead goblin minion with a minimum of effort having the pieces fit together well. I have pinned the Flesh Tearers to normal 40mm bases for painting purposes and will attach to the scenic bases afterwards.

I will have these all done for Horned Rat/Gobbo at the start of May and find them a very nice addition to my collection

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