Sunday, April 29, 2012

Undead arise for Horned Gobbo

Next weekend is Horned Gobbo/Rat and it seems I am one of three taking the newish Vampire Counts to battle. I am looking forward to the event and the variety of armies which will be playing.

My list has the 2 tweaks made from the original, so no Wraith unit and instead a 4th Banshee and 2 more Crypt Horrors - goody goody.

Just a few little finishing touches to make on the models, nothing drastic just extras here and there or replacing old tired looking models where time allows and adding in a couple unit fillers.

Spent this afternoon finishing the bases for the Crypt Horrors while watching Alien again. Preperation for Prometheus in June. (Must remember to not compare it to the wonder that was The Avengers) Anyhow I added some 'dead grass' flock in patches and added some 'dead leaves' I got from Slave to Painting in Christchurch. really nice product which I will slowly add to the bulk of the VC army.

Heres a quick phone pic of the Crypt Horrors, I'll take a better one of them and some other units in the week.

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