Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WHFB - Vampire list tweaks

On Sunday I had a couple games with my VC scream list. Finally getting to put all the theory I have read on Carpe Noctem and other sites into practice was great and seems to have paid off.

In the first game against Ryan's VC test list it was pretty one sided from the get go with my banshess causing havoc on the undead units and their notoriously low leadership. Some horrific rolls by Ryan throughout the game only hastened his demise (you shouldn't roll that many 1's, you just shouldn't!) The forces of my Ghoul King wiped all the Blood Dragon's forces from the battlefield giving me a pretty massive victory. However as Ryan is a very new player I hope he did pick up the flow of the game better and we are working on tweaking his list for Horned Gobbo at the moment.

Second game was against John from Stumpy Heaven. John visited with his High Elves and we rolled a Battle for the Pass. I'm sure John may put up a detailed battle report on his blog so I'll just note some things I picked up. Battle report here on Stumpy Heaven Deployment is key, obvious I know but as an ever improving novice to fantasy I think I've worked out where my units should all go in relation to each other. The Mortis Engine looming behind the Crypt Horror unit and sending a trash Zombie unit towards the enemies heavy hitters works great. I did seem to have the majority of 'luck' in the magic phases with strong rolls and army wide vanhels being cast. John went some rounds without any successful spell casting. Also being charged by his flaming Spearmen wasn't as horrific as I'd first thought, sure it negates my regen from the Engine but I have a 2++ with my Ghoul King and Vampire so that swung that combat pretty hard in my favour. Banshees cleared Eagles and other chaff pretty quick especially with the dual Aura of Dark majesty close by. So all in all the game plan worked a charm though I know it won't be that good all the time.

Changes I will make though is dropping the Cairn Wraith unit in favour of another single Banshee and 2 more Crypt Horrors - I'll convert a couple Ogres. That will strengthen my Anvil to its optimum size, at 6 strong they held their own against the White Lions with invocations filling them back up of course.

Now I just need to get all the bits and pieces painted! Crypt Horrors just need a tiny bit more work and Ryan is posting up another 10 ghouls for me to mix in with the Mantic ones. A couple Banshees to paint and finish off the Mortis Engine and it will be looking pretty good.

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