Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Finished this fella a couple days ago. Fairly pleased with the result which looks better in person. Annoying little things was the hourglass was screwed but I havnt done anything to fix it yet, may come back to it later. Also the Inquisition Icon wasn't completely even across the top, simple fix and touch up to do.

I've had a couple days playing SWTOR in the afternoon so I suppose its time to get back to the paint brushes and ignore my Jedi Shadow. Looking forward to having a good look at the new GW paint range. Can't wait to get some more 'base' paints.

Have decided to play in Horned Rat/Gobbo so its crunch time for undead army selection. I have been trawling the forums and seeing quite a bit of contridictory information depending on where I look, oh well.

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