Monday, February 22, 2010

The heart of the list

The heart of the army is the 'wraith wall', they may be heavy in points but they tend to secure any objective they trundle onto and prove invaluable as a rock hard speed bump for assault units. In most games they're still standing at the end however battered that may be due to the Farseer in tow combining his Fortune power with the Warlocks Conceal

The Farseer gives a nice buff to the wraith wall above and with the big rise in psychic powers in 5th ed, his Runes of Warding are a must. I played post FoB with Doom as well, but due to the high Strength of a lot of weapons in my list and the removal of the Pathfinders its not worth the points investment.
Fortune has beed very reliable but playtesting against the new 'nid dex sees a bit of a drop with the infamous Shadow of the Warp.... frakkin bugs!

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