Monday, February 22, 2010

Less than 2 weeks until Warpstorm '10

In less than 2 weeks myself and a couple of regular gaming buddies are participating in Warpstorm '10 in Wellington.

I will be fielding my Eldar army reliant on a heavy Iyanden/Wraith theme which has been fairly successful due to a hell of a lot of playing and advice from the above mentioned friends.

The army list is slightly different to the one I used in Fields of Blood '09 last year, dropping some of the units I found to not 'perform' as well as I'd hoped for units and options which should be more beneficial. I ended up placing 13th overall at FoB last year so hopefully the forthcoming outing will be on par if not more successful.

Paintingwise I only have the gems to paint on 8 Howling Banshess and 4 Wraithguard to do, though they wont take much effort to get done. I also have contributed to the dreaded Hive Fleet Hoverd and will be painting my Space Hulk Broodlord up in the green and bone scheme for use in the tournament.

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