Friday, June 3, 2016

New Gaming Mat

Fellow 40ker Gareth ordered and received a fantastic new Mars themed gaming mat recently. It is one of the those mousepad style ones and came with a fancy carry case and is really nice.

So last Tuesday we gave it a run. We rolled it out then got some terrain on it in the appropriate places. Noted that it might be time to paint a few more buildings (probably red!).

I played Tau and he played Ad mech - 1500pt. I have been running bikes for some time so wanted to show Gareth what a true firepower army was.

My three Riptides (that's fluffy right?) were doing very well early on - the Nova re rolls from the wing formation saving me a wound almost every round.

Meanwhile some sneaky crises suits deep struck in the enemy lines to secure objectives.

The Crises team's intial drop went well but then they all forgot they had decent armour and disintergated quickly to basic fire.

While at my end of the table, fire warriors were doing what they do best now - sitting back on objectives and dying as slow as possible.

At the end Gareth grabbed a small win thanks to some good late game moves. The ad mech pulled out all the stops to hold the red planet! Looking forward to many more games on the mat. Need to do some terrain work as this will be very nice once covered in all painted items.

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