Monday, June 20, 2016

Painting - WIP 40k Imperial Knight - torso

Over the weekend I made more progress on my Ultramarine affiliated Imperial Knight(any suggestions for appropriate names?).
After finishing the main carapace I started in the torso.  Washes of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade were applied to engine parts and the superstructure.  I painted some of the machine housing, cowling, faceplate and shield in the same thunderhawk blue and weathered to match the top.

The exhaust vents and heat sinks were painted in balthazar gold then retributor gold.  Washes for oil streaks were added and small touches of verdigris.
I will have to remedy the mold line on the back of main exhaust :/
For the house shield, after looking through a few relevant books then shuffling through many unused transfer sheets I went with a mechanicum cog and an Ultramarine symbol which perfectly fit.  I sent Jake and Ryan some pictures and Jake from boyopaints suggested toning down the bold white if the transfers.  I carefully painted over them in gold, pallid flesh then white and it does fit in better with the freehand.  I then finished it off with the marbling effect and weathering.


  1. He is looking better and better as each piece is completed. You should be set for a shot of the whole torso soon!

  2. Just WOW I mean seriously its amazing

  3. Looking ace Glen, and speaking of looking - I'm searching for your Tournament report but can't find it yet... ... ..

  4. Hurry up and post finished pictures already!