Thursday, June 16, 2016

Painting - a little WIP

I have other things on my painting table at the moment.  A were bear and it's human warrior form, a Sorcerer of Tzeentch and a deviant beast Ryan acquired.  But tonight I thought I'd try something I had in mind hobby wise.

I painted a medium brown base coat then applied Agrellan Earth to the main surface of the shoulder guard.  Once dry and the cracks had formed I carefully drybrushed Pallid Wych Flesh then began some freehand work.
I painted the pattern along the bottom of the guard then in layers of brown and gold painted the laurel.  The gold blended in with the trim too much so I added a layer of white.  Using the same techniques I did half the Ultramarine symbol and numeral for their Legion.  Some fine black lines were added to better outline the freehand.
Then I painting the half Aquila.  I shaded the retributor gold on the trim with black and green washes and started the scratches on the edges.  There is no hurry to have this done in its entirety so it might be a case of working on sections between the miniatures for other people.  Anyway I hope you like what you see so far.


  1. OMG super sexy! Is Agrellan Earth a texture paint? Love the cracked paint effect with the freehand. Must have been tricky to pull off. Is this for a Titan?

    1. Agrellan Earth is a technical paint commonly used on bases. It cracks as it dries. It is a Knight's shoulder guard.

  2. Beautiful. Has a look of antiquity about it. Half expect it to be a Roman centurion's pauldron.

  3. Top notch my friend. Wish I had the freehand skills you have.

  4. Love it. That one pauldron has outdone my entire knight. Can't wait to see the final product!!