Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting - WIP ok it's an Imperial Knight

Following up on last nights shoulder guard I applied some weathering to the main carapace armour.  This has been a clean thunderhawk blue to a balthazar gold trim.  It had looked to factory new for my liking so I added layers of Retributor gold and washes to the armour trim.

I added a combination of weathering powders, washes and sponge chipping to the main blue sections.  After seeing how the shoulder had turned out I needed to do more.  I flipped through FW Horus Heresy V, looking at the Ultramarine Honour Guard and roughly replicated an eagle from there.

First a rough layout in brown, then a neater layer in gold.
After this I layered Pallid Wych Flesh, White and some fine black linework.  I then re-weathered some of the recesses.

Looking at the Honour Guard's Shields, they are depicted as marble so taking inspiration I painted a few fine lines with Incubi Darkness then edged them with Fenris Grey to give the impression of a little depth.

Carapace complete!

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