Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Maelstrom IX 2016

Some pics from the event - thanks again to Hagen for organising and running this. I took a Codex SM CAD army using White Scar chapter tactics focused around 2 grav command squads, chapter master & librarian, with 2 troop bike melta squds and rear field fire support from 4 typhoon land speeders and a thunderfire cannon.

First up I played Sean's Dark Eldar on the Mechanicus table. There were quite a few questions regarding the mat on this table - it is available here. After a brutal shoot up on both sides I ended up 17-3 at the end.

Game 2 versus Glen's Daemons. After my firepower provided incredibly ineffective and his drones wrecked havoc in the middle I fled around the board trying to bully horrors and score maelstrom cards with the remnants of my force. 12-8 win to Glen.

Game 3 versus Bredan's Eldar. Turn 1 chapter master tanked a massive 10" Ap3 eldritch storm, taking 1 wound. However the heavy wraithcannons came next - failed LoS & failed 3++ & 3 wounds from the D shot killed my big boss while scatter lasers ripped through the grav command squads. I tried to be aggressive to claim points back by tying up the guns but it got worse from there and Brendon tabled me for a 20 - 0 to him.

Game 4 versus Hugh's 20 terminators and a land raider. With all my speed, grav and melta it was a rough match up for Hugh. 19-1 to me.

Meanwhile Wil was stomping around with his 4 knight army...

Game 5 versus Caleb's Iron Hands bike army. A very close game throughout - we met in the middle and had swings of luck both ways. I was lucky for this to end turn 5 with an 11-9 victory to me.

Awesome weekend!

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