Sunday, June 26, 2016

Triumph and Treachery in the Badlands

Kicked off my part in the WHFB 8th ed blood in the badlands campagin yesterday. For some reason the Vampire Counts, Ogres and Dark Elves all decided they wanted the marshes of madness so we opted to play a Triumph and treachery game.

More photos will be coming on Jerkhammer blog soon - but I managed to take one snap reasonably early in the game:

So I rolled and ended up with a foot vc army with no screams, no death magic, 40 unpainted grave guard (I started VC in 8th) - and over 100 zombies (just to start) marching forward. Not super effective but was impressive looking!

The Dark Elves were brave to take the centre and flip the bird to both armies. I managed to get a zombie unit across to the centre of the board turn 1 thanks to a decent charge. They managed to survive 4 turns of various agression - taking wounds and being raised - even taking out a giant before going down. 3 Elf comets took chunks from my army while Ogre cannons aimed at my vampire lord but overall only lost about 10% of my forces at the end

However as I had struggled to make it far across the board to engage the Ogres and we ended turn 5 with the Ogres grabbing the last few points by beating on the Dark Elves to secure a victory (and a long lasting grudge from unforgiving Dark Elves)

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