Sunday, May 29, 2016

40K Daemons of Chaos - Dark Mechanicus Exalted Flamer #2

The second Dark Mechanicus Exalted Flamer is complete.
This fine fellow was built mainly from the Chaos Spawn kit with a Crypt Horror head and a massive Ork Mek Flamer.
I painted it using the same techniques as the previous one.  It involves a lot of Pallid wych Flesh, washes, glazes and Blood for the Blood God technical paint.  With the large areas of skin to paint I really got the hang on the scheme.  Painting spots and moles onto the skin breaks up the larger patches nicely.
Yesterday he joined the rest of my proposed Daemon list on the table.  I hosted a practice day for some local gamers including John from stumpy heaven.  Everyone was able to get two games in and I think it proved valuable for all.
I played John's Khorne Daemonkin list.  My Herald of Nurgle with Plague Drones were fantastic even taking out his D-Thirster in one round of combat.  The Exalted Flamers dealt with the Gorepack bikers as well so that gives me some counter to popular bike lists.  The result was a big win for me.
After lunch I played Wil's four Knight list.  I knew I would struggle against them but made moves to cause some damage.  Wil was familiar with what I could do and did not take the bait.  He did a lot of damage at range and even though a buffed Plague Drone unit took 1 Knight down in melee and seriously damaged another, stomps cleared the Daemons off quickly.  Wil got a clear win, I have had a good think about how to deal with super heavies and smart use of Daemonology  seems to be the answer.  We will see how it goes in practice.

One last Dark Mechanicus Flamer to go.

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