Sunday, May 22, 2016

40k Daemons of Chaos - Dark Mech Exalted Flamer

For Maelstrom in four weeks time I am leaving the Eldar on the shelf - gasp!!! I am taking Daemons of Chaos instead.  I really like the formations in Curse of Fenris and the advantages of the Daemonic Incursion.

One of these formations requires Tzeentch Horrors and Exalted Flamers.  As I don't want multiple Burning Chariots (only source of Exalted Flamers) I thought I would build my own.  As I have been playing fun narrative games with a Heretek list it made sense to build some Dark Mechanicus monsters.

Going through my many bits I put this chap together.  The skull head is from Arcane Fulcrum terrain, body and barrel from an Ogre, vial and tentacle from a Dark Eldar Talos and the Flamer is from a Kataphron Destroyer.
I have two others on the painting table and three suitably large Lovecraft creatures already painted, so they should all look the part amongst hordes of Tzeentch Horrors on the tabletop.


  1. Very tidy conversion work, Glen. Looking forward to seeing the other two.

  2. Suitably disturbing. I promise to send some more tentacles your way this week.