Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Painting - 40k Daemons of Chaos - Plague Drones

Here we have my completed unit of Plague Drones which the previously seen Herald will take to the table with (c'mon GW give Heralds a Drone or Beast to ride).
I had previously started painting some of them in the more traditional green tinged necrotic flesh like the Plaguebearer riders have but after indulging in a lot of Bloodborne on PS4 last year, I took inspiration from the Bloodsucking beasts.
Where the skin is grey toned in the video game I went for a cold blue tone to contrast more with the riders and the blood bruised abdomen.
The abdomens were given a light spray of gory red with the airbrush then the exposed wounds were painted twice with the GW blood paint and a touch of Nurgle's Rot.

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