Sunday, May 15, 2016

Painting - 40K Daemons of Chaos - Herald of Nurgle

Since finishing my initial Word Bearer pledge I thought it time to give my Daemon army some attention.

I had played a competitive Daemon army at the end of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy but since it's demise the Daemons (and undead) have been languishing in the display cabinet.  So with the Curse of Fenris campaign book giving the Daemons some interesting formations I thought I'd get some ready for the table and round bases.
The Herald of Nurgle finally received a decent paint job.  It had been hastily made tabletop ready a couple years ago, though all that had been was a couple base colours and wash.  This time round I did it properly using layering, washes, glazes and technical paints to complete it.
With the variety of details over its rotting form, it was very enjoyable to paint.  I used careful line work and shading to break up what could have been flat segments of skin.

Next... Plague Drones

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