Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend gaming variety

Well I'm about a week late with these photos - but worth a post none the less.

Last weekend Wellington had some visitors from near (Levin) and far (London) and we settled into a variety of gaming related activities.

Played some more Cthulhu wars (refer previous posts for pics) - then we busted out an old gem you may be familiar with called Magic: The Gathering: 

What do you mean 'tapping?'
We also played a fantastic game called Mansions of Madness - 4 victorian era nutcases investigating a haunted house while being chased around by zombies.

My character was this dashing gentlemen who spent far too long investigating horror mysteries and not enough time at the gym (read, high INT low CON)

He developed an bad dose of kleptomania and went around stealing peoples stuff while blasting zombies with his shrivelling spell

However he met his end when a nasty zombie special attack took away 2/3 of his health and gave him some internal bleeding. He crawled into a corner and slowly died while the others won the day...

Also finally later on in the weekend I had my first go at 3rd Edition Infinity. My Haqqislam starter kit teamed up with a friends PanO versus some Nomads and Ariadna.

Terrain is very important

The opening shot was my sniper grunt making a crit kill against the enemy sniper (good rolls!) and the firepower of our side got quite fortunate early on. There was a lot of rule checking (we are all new players) but looking like a promising game system.

Terrain is very important and each player is constantly involved with the ARO system (basically reacting to enemy movement). Looking forward to learning more about it.

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  1. I think I played at least 8 games of our various systems that weekend, glorious!