Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tale of 40K Gamers - Sam #3 Flesh Tearers

After showing us his Scouts and Drop Pod, Sam has sent in another update!

Here in all their glory is his full ten man Flesh Tearer Tactical Squad.
Looking at the images you can see Sam has equipped them with Meltagun, Heavy flamer and a pair of inferno pistols on the sergeant.  I would think they will deploy via Drop Pod, combat squad out and be able to effectively engage two different units(well that's how I do it).
As with his other Flesh Tearers, Sam has based them all in a nice consistent manner which I think looks really good against the dark red and black of the armour.

 He has built them using parts from the Blood Angel Tactical Squad and Death Company sets.  I would recommend using these along with the Sanguinary Guard for anyone building Blood Angels or their successors.

Excellent work Sam, now you just have to learn the ways of 40K ;)


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  2. They look really good mate - like the extra detailing