Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tale of 40k Gamers -Glen #5 Word Bearers - Initial pledge complete

Here is the final unit of my initial 400 point pledge.  The Contemptor Dreadnought from the Betrayal at Calth set.
I painted it using the same methods I employed on the Marines but on a larger scale.  I added a lot of chipping using the sponge technique, along with freehand and some transfers it breaks up the flat red panels.
As it was a nice large model to paint I made up a simple custom base.  Just a GW building floor section, textured paint, slate and a skull.   I painted the floor panels in a turquoise blue tone to match the eye lenses on all the suits of armour then washed and weathered it to tone it down.
Now it's time to motivate a couple of the other guys to catch up a bit before moving to the next segment.  In the meantime there is always plenty to paint.  I may even do another initial 400 point pledge using the FW Heretic list.  They will go nicely alongside the Word Bearers.
...and here is the full starting group complete.  I have quite a collection of unpainted Chaos miniatures but if anyone has any suggestions for additions to the Defilers of Calth please share.

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