Wednesday, March 9, 2016

40k 08.03.2016

Last night Gareth and I had a game of 40k. We used the Maelstrom IX pack (here) and rolled up mission 3 (objective in each zone worth 4 VP, control objectives for maelstrom card drawing, and 1 VP for each StW, FB and LB)

We were only playing 1000pt so we could keep learning our respective army rules. I used Ravenwing and Gareth was playing Cult Mechanicus and Skitarri.

I focussed on controlling the board early on to get Maelstrom cards - while eliminating the heavy grav kataphron destroyers that could ignore cover (if the kastelans did a wound). My support squadron of 4 speeders moved to higher ground to get clear shots and I failed 3 out of 4 dangerous tests - ouch. However this combined with other shooting did enable me to wipe off one squad early for first blood.

Gareth wiped off the (now heavily damaged) support squadron with some firepower (getting his single kastelan wound on them first to remove cover), then moved to consolidate his forces in his corner to not get attacked piecemeal. 

Board control made the difference
Turn 2-4 I racked up 8 VP on maelstrom quickly by controlling 4 objectives. Also engaged and destroyed the other heavy grav katephrons with some attack bikes.

However not dealing with the kastelans started to hurt - their firepower caused me to lose bikes quickly even with ravenwing jinking. 18 S6 AP3 shots hurt - especially with 12 of them TL! My librarian made a mad dash for saftey but failed 4 of his 8 2+ cover saves, so even FNP didn't save him.

With my numbers depleted Gareth pushed out took most the board back, however I still just managed to hold my objective on turn 6 when the game ended as Gareth rolled a 3.

In the end we both held our home objective for 4 VP. I had 8 VP from maelstrom cards, Gareth had 5 VP. Gareth had slay the warlord and I had first blood for 1 VP each. 10 - 13 made the tournament points a 12-8, a minor victory for me. I would say that pretty accurately represented the final result. Turn 7 would have likely changed that to a big victory for Gareth.

Next time - stepping up to 1500pt.

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  1. Nice report guys - good to see the VPs making a close game of it