Sunday, June 26, 2011

Storm of Magic Advance Orders

Yesterday afternoon GW put the Storm of Magic stuff up for advance order - at last! With this being the first of their new release schedule formula we only get a couple of weeks to salivate over the new toys before they're released.

However my actual point of comment is - I actually find the majority of prices for the new kits fairl reasonable. Now some may disagree as by all means do but looing at the prices of things over the last couple years and the stupid prices of re-released finecraft models I find the new batch ok.

The terrain especially is a high point for me. I expected the kits to be $110+ NZD and was suprised that they are 'only' $72.50 NZD. I will be adding both sets to my collection in the near future for sure. The new Mage models in Plastic!? are only $25.50 each and pretty nice models at that, if they are indeed plastic as opposed to Finecraft I have no issue with that, plastic FTW please. I'm looking at getting the Necromancer to reboot my languishing Vampire Count collection and a friend is most probably using the Tzeentch Sorcerer as a Daemonic Herald.

The book is an expected price but looks like fun. I like monsters and the inclusion of them in all armies as well as some classic beasties returning makes this very appealing for me.

As an advance order I will probably only order the new spell card set as I have High Lords in Sydney later in July but overall I'm an interested customer for sure. If it ends up falling into the pit alongside Apocalypse, Spearhead and Battle Missions so be it but these releases pave the way for impressive new kits(terrain)and thats all good with me.

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