Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coteaz list

This is a WIP list for my Inquisition build, other than being very good on the tabletop it's very appealing to me from a fluff and hobby perspective.

Some of the choices are not optimal and I know I don't have any of the amazing bullshit Psyflmen Dreadnoughts but this a list with units in mind I will convert/paint up. And some of its still bloody good.

Coteaz 100
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, Psyker, Rad grenades, power armour 78

Techmarine, rad grenades, force halberd 110
Callidus Assassin 145

7 DCA(death cult assassins), 3 Crusaders, warrior w/meltagun 164
7 DCA(death cult assassins), 3 Crusaders, warrior w/meltagun 164
3 Multimelta Servitors, 2 Jokaero, 1 DCA, 1 Crusader, Mystic in Chimera 195
10 Warriors, 3 meltaguns, 6 hotshot lasguns in Chimera 155
9 Psykers, 1 warrior in Chimera 149

Stormraven with Typhoon ML and Twin Plasma Cannons 230
Land Raider Redeemer with Multimelta, psybolt ammo 260

The Techmarine and Ordo Xenos each team up with the assault focused DCA/Crusader units in the Stormraven and Land Raider Redeemer. Coteaz bunkers with the servitor/Jokaero Chimera. Melta and Psyker squads go roaming in their Chimeras. Callidus is just fun and goes after backline units. The Mystic can enable a secure Deepstrike of the Stormraven if needed and visually will form a nice retinue for Coteaz with his 'bodyguard' DCA and Crusader.

The hotshot on the warriors is so I can model a squad which can be used as an imperial guard vet squad and also the Psyker unit could be used for IG. Will probably model the Techmarine into a high ranking tech adept. I may build a flamer focused Deradnought to drop with the Stormraven and model it as the tech adepts creation.

All this will have to wait til the Dark Eldar and Sisters are done but at least I can look forward to it and tweak the list in the meantime.

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  1. Rad grenades + Int 6 hammer hand halberds...say goodbye to IC's like Kharn, round 1. Utter bullshit