Thursday, June 2, 2011

Post Retribution

To all those that made the trip to my place on Saturday a big thank you for a great fun day of 40K and I hope to see some of you again up this way.

There will be some in game photos soon but I'm having slow net issues so they may be a few days away when my broadband resets for the month.

Thanks to Wil for TO'ing the event and it was good to see some people who shy away from tournament style proceedings get stuck in and play against some new people.

My Eldar performed fairly well coming 3rd out of the 10 forces. I went to battle against Ryan Lister's Grey Knight list and after trying to steal a 6th turn draw in a random objective game the dice didn't favoured me and a 7th turn saw my contesters destroyed. An entertaining couple rounds of combat saw his Brother Champion skirt past the Avatar in a Bastion to engage my Farseer in melee. To my disgust he wounded the Seer and succesfully 'popped' him with his annointed blade - so much for Runes of Warding. However the Avatar took offence the following round and stomped the Champion narrowly avoiding his Heroic Sacrifice attack.

Next was the infamous 'kill the fast ones' but with the heavy terrain I had set on the tables and smoking and flaming rules the heavy mech lists were given some relief. I played Craig Stewart with his Ultramarine list. A rematch of sorts as we had played each other with very similar lists at 40k Masters in December. After exchanging blows across the crystal infused chaos desert I won though failed to eliminate a single pesky terminator from his originally 10 man unit and didn;t get a bonus point for most expensive unit though after he had 'gated' the surviving termies away from the harlequins he had gunned down the clowns to get a bonus point off me.

Finally I played James Stewart with his Ultramarine bike force - MEQ day. I have played Jimmy a few times so it was nice to play the final game with him. We fought over the Imperial airfield complete with 3 stationary valkries. The mission was for 5 set objectives and 5 chosen kill points. After a few short rounds of exchanging fire and insults Jimmy decided he wasn't going to win but would be damned if he 'bent over' and gave me a massacre so played well and avoided being tabled no matter how hard I tryed.

In regards to my list it performed well as it did at Masters with the NightSpinners being a fantastic nuisance for my opponents - probably why Ryan purposely destroyed them so early in the game as he has had to endure them before. The build can complete all missions but I am finding it harder vs the newer codex books.

I play against Dark Eldar a lot as Cody/Coldbane perfects his lists and have fought the new Grey Knights a couple times and now as much as I hate to admit it, I am feeling codex creep more and more. However the Eldar will not be shelved and I am entertaining a slightly different list which eliminates some of the static elements in my list and is the 'attack from all directions' list I've wanted to use for a while now. I'll hopefully play with it over the weekend and let you know how it goes.

After Retribution I played some more games on Sunday with guests who had stayed the night. I tryed out a list for the Grey Knights I had been thinking about since I first got the codex - the Coteaz all inqusition build and damn it was fun... more to come.

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  1. Death to all Nightspinners! Looking forward to the next weekend trip. Took similar list plus Dreadknight to NIcon, placed 19th out of 50 overall, 8th on battle but slipped in painting yet again.