Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WIP - Dark Eldar

So I am in the process of painting Coldbane/Cody's Dark Eldar army for use in Sydney next month. My own Craftworld Eldar need some minor repairs and I'm going to rebase the vehicles.

I plan on getting through the bulk of the Dark kin in the next couple weeks so I might have a little time to paint some more High Elves before Horned Rat in Wellington but we'll see =/

I apologise in advance for a couple photos, as I finish bases and full squads I'll repost better ones.

I really enjoyed the Venoms and this has encouraged me to get the 2 remaining Raiders and 2 Ravagers completed before the Razorwing arrives and a handful of Wyches and Warriors are on the painting table basecoated.

More to come...

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