Monday, July 4, 2011

Screw you guys I'm going back to Ulthuan! =)

The weekend saw a lot of gaming first and foremost being Horned Rat. As a continuation to Runefang earlier in the year all the teams had the same territories that we ended with as well as the new 'Slippery' Lizard nation being attached to the board.

I could go into detail of glorious battles and tales of heroics but that wouold be a vast exageration as Team Resplendant got well and truly stomped into elven paste! Not that our efforts were all poor, we managed the 'occasional' win and draw but with the forces of destruction rampaging over our carefully manicured borders and efforts at diplomacy ignored by the vile skaven(fair enough though) our flower beds were stomped over, our groves cut down for warmachines and our elegant cities razed to the ground. We ended up being forced into an single empty plain with not a tree or arcane nexus in sight.

We came dead last and my mages are hastily crafting a portal back to the homeland but it was still a highly enjoyable thrashing. I got to play against all different armies which was great including Dwarves which I had not fought against in years. I do think that having 40 spearmen was awesome especially when you get Mindrazor working on them and would recommend 5 Elyrian Reavers with musician, bows and spears to High Elf players as in most games they proved highly annoying for the enemy, claiming a handful of warmachines and lone enemy.

Where does this leave my High Elves? Well I havn't really been impressed with them overall but found them very good to learn 8th ed with. I do really like the model range and will eventualy... get more painted but for now I think it's time for a change.

I have a decent collection of Vampire Count models so will start having some fun games with them. They are based around much earlier editions of the game though so I have to invest in a large amount of wonderful ghouls. I will be using a 'killy' Vampire though as with the High Elves it's what I prefer. Empire also visually and playstyle appeals but it's a lot of models to invest and paint so they may not ever happen but I can always include the models in my Vampire army as Undead counterparts. In the meantime I'll see how the walking dead go...


  1. Theres always those daemons on your shelf....
    Slaanesh needs love too

  2. Hey Glen.

    Write up of Day one for the Empire up on my blog. Go check out our epic struggle!