Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Maelstrom arrives - Coteaz on the horizon

Yesterday was a good mail day.

I arrived home from work in this horrific weather to find safe and sound and dry! my Maelstrom order from the final ROW discount and an amazon package.

In the Maelstrom box was the start of my Coteaz list which is still a little bit in the WIP stage. 3 Chimera, 1 Stormraven and my first Finecast model Coteaz himself. A quick check of Coteaz finds him in good condition is is encouraging in relation to some of the negative feedback seen online.

So now I have 4 Chimera, Stormraven, Coteaz, 10+ Karskin inc 3 melta and 6 hotshot which will be warriors, 2 Jokaero(thank you Pete)and a box of varied imperial models I have collected over the years because I thought they were 'cool'.

This project can wait until post Call to Arms when I have finished my painting projects for my mates which is proving to be quite enjoyable.

In the Amazon parcel was the Pathfinder RPG GM screen which I got pretty cheap considering the US dollar is pretty crap right now. I was impressed that I now will rarely need to consult the main rulebook for anything other than spells as the screen has everything I want including xp values on it. Hopefully in the next couple days the Advanced Players Guide arrives as well having had rave reviews online, we shall have to see...

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  1. So the Sisters are coming along nicely then? I bumped into Wil yesterday, said he was thinking of heading up to your place in early August and thought I might tag along. My Chimera and Cadians just arrived to finish my Coteaz list. However now I'm looking at pure GK for CTA now....can't make up my mind. Most of my GK are almost done painitng now so knowing me I'll be lazy.