Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High Lords this weekend

This weekend sees myself and Cody/Coldbane off to Sydney to be graciously hosted by Richard/Psychenz for Lords and High Lords of Terra. I have been looking forward to this for a while and the few days before and after the event off work will be great!

I will be taking a tweaked version of the list I used at NZ Masters in December where I placed 2nd overall =D Now that we are several months along from that, the lay of the land is a little different with Dark Eldar and Grey Knights rampaging across tabletops in increasing frequency. I have played against Dark Eldar a lot in the past few months with Cody working the bugs out of his list and coming up with a nice effective force able to tackle all missions. Grey Knights have been an opponent a feew times and I havn't done amazingly against them but my opponent Ryan knows hos my list works and targets Nightspinners with extreme predjudice.

Even though I loathe to say it, I am feeeling the codex creep a lot when faced by these two books. With the Dark Eldar having similar capabilities but with cheaper points costing and the psychic might of the Eldar race a collection of parlour tricks against the Emperors armoured sorcerers my beloved Eldar are facing imminent retirement on the display shelf while I look towards refining my Coteaz list more in the future.

But I still field my odd little list with delight and often cunning so here it is.

Farseer, both wards, stones, spear, doom and fortune
Avatar of Khaine

6 Fire Dragons inc DBF Exarch in EML Wave Serpent
10 Harlequins inc TM, SS, DJ, 8 kisses and 1 fusion pistol

3 Jetbikes inc cannon
3 Jetbikes inc cannon
5 Dire Avengers in EML Wave Serpent
5 Pathfinders

3 Scatter Laser War Walkers

Hopefully I should perform fairly well as the mix of missions are not too taxing mentally and neither are the bonus missions. I think a lot of opponents may underestimate the list and its capabilities and get suprised by its performance. At least that seems to be what has happened at past events. Whatever the outcome it will be awesome to play against some new people and against a high caliber of opponent in the High Lords invitational.

Tonight I shall perform some minor repairs on my Eldar and rapidly finish final touches on Cody's Dark Eldar. Then Thursday morning first thing, we wing our way to Sydney. Heres hoping for some good fun to report back on and a better performance for the space elves then their fantasy cousins ;)

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