Saturday, April 30, 2011

Painting - Archon Coldbane

Put the finishing touches on Coldbane's 'Archon Coldbane' last night while that little wedding was on the tele. Coldbane says he probably won't be using the soultrap in game but it looks cool and there is plenty of room for a pistol under the cloak.

The agoniser and arm are from the plastic witch sprue and the base is an Iron Halo Battlefield of Thran one I had in a bitz box.

The rest of his Dark Eldar force will be on flagstoned bases so the slightly raised more detailed base just adds to the Hq choice.


  1. Hey Glen not sure if you got my email but are you still keen on heading up to Palmy?

    Myself and Adam (the other Dwarf guy here) are definately keen on heading down to Levin for a few games if the offer is still open.

    Just let us know either way and we'll get things sorted at our end.